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The OECD has been a global leader in the fight against corruption for many years. Along with other intergovernmental organisations, we have helped to create a panoply of international instruments that seek to limit corruption. And yet corruption continues.


This is, in part, the inspiration for launching CleanGovBiz. This initiative supports governments, business and civil society to build integrity and fight corruption. It draws together existing anti-corruption tools, reinforces their implementation, improves co-ordination among relevant players and monitors progress towards integrity.


Political momentum is building to intensify the fight against corruption. Citizens are no longer willing to bear the burden of corrupt political and economic elites, as shown by the uprising in the Arab world. The tight budget constraints deriving from the crisis and the emerging corruption cases in a number of countries are increasing pressure on decision makers to act. CleanGovBiz provides governments, businesses and civil society with guidance and access to practical tools to face this challenge.

CleanGovBiz Toolkit

The Toolkit offers practical guidance on how corruption can best be tackled in multiple domains. It draws together relevant instruments to support the establishment of healthy systems of governance, prevent corrupt practices, detect corruption, prosecute delinquencies and remedy the consequences of corruption.

For each policy area contributing to the fight against corruption, users are provided with: 

  • Priority checklists
  • Implementation guidance with examples of good practices
  • Access to existing relevant standards and instruments, guides and manuals, case studies and reviews elaborated by international and civil society organisations

The CleanGovBiz Initiative was launched under the impetus of the Declaration on Propriety, Integrity and Transparency in the Conduct of International Business and Finance (PIT Declaration), which embodies the political commitment of OECD and other adhering countries to promote clean and efficient markets and transparent governance systems.


CleanGovBiz is a high priority for the OECD, as reflected in the OECD Secretary-General’s 2010 Strategic Orientations, and it also responds to the political call for energetic action against corruption expressed in the G20 Action Plan Against Corruption.


CleanGovBiz was launched in 2011 by former OECD Deputy Secretary-General Richard Boucher

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