OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Chile


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Pages: 218
Published: Nov. 2007
ISBN 978-92-64-03752-6

What are a country’s achievements in innovation, and how does this relate to economic performance?

What are the major features, strengths and weaknesses, of its innovation system? How can government foster innovation?

The OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy offer a comprehensive assessment of the innovation system of individual OECD member and non-member countries, focusing on the role of government. They provide concrete recommendations on how to improve policies which impact on innovation performance, including R&D policies. Each review identifies good practices from which other countries can learn.

Over the last decade, Chile – a small, open economy with a traditionally strong resource-based production – has been the most successful Latin American country in reducing the gap in income per capita vis-à-vis the advanced countries. To complete this catching up, Chile needs to further strengthen some of the institutional pillars of an efficient market-oriented economy, notably its innovation system.

A growing political awareness of the importance of innovation for the country’s future has recently translated into two bold decisions: the creation of an Innovation Council for Competitiveness entrusted with the mission of proposing guidelines for a long-term national innovation strategy; and the introduction of a specific mining tax to increase resources available to implement this strategy. This report assesses the current status of Chile’s innovation system and policies, and identifies where improvements are most needed in order to make the most efficient use of this additional public investment.

Table of contents

Overall Assessment and Recommendations (included in English and French)

  • The Chilean innovation system: distinctive features, main weaknesses and potential
  • Government innovation policy: a learning process at a critical stage
  • Recommendations

Chapter 1. Towards More Innovation-Driven Growth

  • Macroeconomic performance and institutional build-up
  • International trade and foreign direct investment
  • Major structural features and structural change in the Chilean economy
  • Framework conditions for innovation Inequality and poverty reduction
  • A strategy for more innovation-driven growth

Chapter 2. Chile’s Innovation Performance in an International Perspective

  • Benchmarking performance in science, technology and innovation
  • The innovation system approach: main lessons from OECD countries’ experience

Chapter 3. Innovation Actors in Chile

  • The business sector
  • Public research and technological organisations
  • Interaction among actors 

Chapter 4. The Role of Government

  • The evolution of Chile’s innovation policy
  • Governance and policy mix
  • Portfolio of instruments
  • Strategic tasks of innovation policy: a functional assessment

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