Higher education and research in the Valparaiso Region


Higher education institutions in the Valparaiso region

Valparaiso region has the highest concentration of HE students in Chile. In terms of student numbers, it ranks number three among Chilean regions.


The 2009 enrolment reached 95 083 students in undergraduate programmes (12.3% of the country) and 3 458 postgraduate students (13.7% of the country). The total number of enrolled students in the region has grown at an average rate of 7 % a year. Nearly 40 % of students come from other Chilean regions or other countries.


The Valparaiso region has 40 HEIs: 14 universities, 13 professional institutes and 13 technical training centres. Enrolment is heavily concentrated in universities (77%).


Currently the region is offering 1 022 academic programmes: 59% in the universities, 22% in professional institutes and 19 % in technical training centres.


Research in the Valparaiso region


Universities conducting research include:


Other centres and institutes conducting research:


Linkages to regional and city development

The HE system has a strong impact on the Valparaiso economy with currently more than 6% of regional GDP and 2% of labour force. The key stakeholders in the regional innovation system view higher education as an important player in developing Valparaiso and diversifying its economy.



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