Testing of chemicals

Section 3 Software: Environmental Fate and Behaviour (Softwares for TG 305 and TG 318)


Disclaimer: the software package available for some Test Guidelines is provided as a courtesy of the developer of the test method, but has not been necessarily validated, reviewed or approved by OECD. It is also not a requirement to use the software, and other software may be equally useful. The maintenance of the software or of the calculation sheets is not guaranteed by OECD. For use of the software under Good Laboratory Practice, the validation status should be checked and any additional validation performed as appropriate.


Test Guideline 318:

Spreadsheets to be used in conjunction with TG 318:

  • Microsoft® Excel test preparation tool (Excel)


Test Guideline 305:

User Guide to be used with TG 305:

Users should read the User Guide for the installation of the TG 305 R-Package Program File.

The user guide (PDF) describes the following setup process :

  • Installation;
  • Input files for bcmFR;
  • Running bcmFR reproducibly;
  • Appendix : Aqueous Exposure data file and Dietary Exposure data file - Aqueous Exposure Test R Script and Dietary Exposure Test R Script.


Spreadsheets to be used in conjunction with TG 305:

  • BCF Estimation Tool version 2 (Excel);
  • Aqueous Exposure Test Spreadsheet (Excel);
  • Dietary Exposure Test Spreadsheet (Excel).


Tools for Modeling Bioaccumulation Potential in Fish:

  • Zip file: This file contains models to be implemented for both aqueous and dietary experimental exposure of chemicals to fish, as proposed in OECD Test Guideline 305. Estimation of uptake and depuration rate constants, growth correction, kinetic BCF and BMF, lipid correction, parameter and model confidence limits, and compilation of OECD TG305-targeted summary tables with standard errors and uncertainty estimates.




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