Chemical safety and biosafety

Section 4: Health Effects


important notice

The draft Test Guidelines are not part of Mutual Acceptance of Data (MAD); consult with national authorities before using the draft Test Guidelines.

NEW DEADLINE for comments 


Deadline for comments: 21 February 2018

Draft Revised TG 408 on Repeated Dose 90-Day Oral Toxicity Study in Rodents 

Deadline for comments: 15 February 2018

Draft TG 442D on in vitro skin sensistisation: ARE-Nrf2 Luciferase Test Method

Deadline for comments: 15 February 2018

Draft Skin Sensitisation TG 442B: Local Lymph Node Assay: BrdU-ELISA or –FCM

Deadline for comments: 12 February 2018

Draft revised TG 438 on Isolated Chicken eye test document

Deadline for comments: 5 February 2018

Draft Updated TG 414 on Prenatal Developmental Toxicity, including the feasibility study

Deadline for comments: 29 September 2017

Draft updated TG 492 on Reconstructed human Corneal Epithelium for Eye hazard potential, including the LabCyte model

Deadline for comments 18 August 2017

Draft revised TG 408 - Repeated Dose 90-day Oral Toxicity Study



Draft Proposal for a New Performance Based TG - Human Cytochrome P450 (CYP) n-fold Induction in vitro Test Method (PDF)

Draft Performance Standards for New Human Cytochrome P450 (CYP) n-fold Induction in vitro Test Method  (PDF)
Multi-study Validation Trial for Cytochrome P450 Induction Providing a Reliable Human Metabolically Competent Standard Model or Method Using the Human Cryopreserved Primary Hepatocytes and the Human Cryopreserved HepaRG® Cell Line (PDF)
Deadline for public comments*: 21 October 2014


further reading

* Comments should be sent to the Secretariat by National Coordinators by the indicated date. Anyone who would like to contribute to a commenting round is invited to contact their National Coordinator beforehand to discuss together of a timeframe for comment submission.


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