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The following links were provided by the regulatory authorities of OECD member countries and provide information that is relevant to a respective country's management of risk to pollinators, how they evaluate the need for mitigation, which types of mitigation options (i.e. label and non-label) are in use, as well as any educational or training resources used to mitigate potential risk to insect pollinators (Since each website has been developed independently, content, format and degree of information between websites will vary). 


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  • In Australia, the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) has the national responsibility for approving labels for pesticide products ( while the use of these products is controlled under Australian state and territory law.

  • At present, the APVMA’s efforts on honey bee risk mitigation are in providing appropriate information, warnings and use instructions on product labels (with a focus on the neonicotinoid insecticides) and in considering the adequacy of current testing methods for examining the effects of crop protection products on bees. The web pages “Overview report on bee health and the use of neonicotinoids in Australia” and “Neonicotinoids and honey bee health in Australia” include information on the work the APVMA is undertaking on this issue and links to further information on pesticide label statements.

  • In addition, Australian government departments and statutory authorities, as well as Australian states and territories have a large number of websites, documents and external links to educational information, non-label mitigation, laws and management tools aimed at managing pesticide risks to insect pollinators. For example, the following text lists several sites where such information can be found.
    1. The New South Wales Dept. of Primary Industries 
      Information on honey bees and non-label mitigation and on educational and training materials.

    2. The Victorian Dept. of Environment and Primary Industries
      This page includes an information sheet on 'Living in harmony - pesticides and bees' and a link to an external Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation (RIRDC) website containing a honeybee pesticide poisoning risk management tool.

    3. The Western Australian Dept. of Agriculture and Food 
      Information on apiculture issues during locust sprayingapiculture issues in viticulture, and on ant and termite control in apiaries


  • An overview of the actions taken in Belgium to restrict the exposure of honey bees to plant protection products: DutchFrench


  • The Health Canada Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) risk mitigation documents for pollinators, as well as other Health Canada pollinator documents: EnglishFrench





Slovak Republic

  • Information and recommendations regarding the proper use of authorized plant protection products and symbols as a result of the national classification of these plant protection products based on the risk to honey bees can be found on the label of the individual products and in the List of Authorized Plant Protection Products in the Slovak Republic published on the website of the Central Controlling and Testing Institute in Agriculture, Bratislava (Registration authority for plant protection products in the Slovak Republic) (Slovak).

  • The national classification of plant protection products is based on the conclusions of their risk assessment and recommendations of the experts - evaluators. The designated national authority for bee health and risk assessment of plant protection products to bees is the Institute of Apiculture, Liptovský Hrádok. In accordance with the national classification, provisions relating to the proper use of plant protection products with the goal to protect bees and other non-target organisms as well as water sources are set out in the national legislation (Regulation of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of the Slovak Republic No. 488/2011 Coll).

  • The education materials (documents) for the education of professional users of plant protection products on risk mitigation measures regarding bees and other insect pollinators are not published on the Internet.


 United Kingdom

 United States

  • Information on pesticide labelling for the Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) which regulates pesticides in the United States. 

  • Information on actions that the US EPA is taking to protect pollinators, including advances in assessing and mitigating potential risk to insect pollinators.


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