Sweden addresses certain PFASs through EU Regulations. The Swedish Chemicals Agency (CA) (KemI) has been assigned by the Swedish government to develop a national action plan with the aim to increase the safety of drinking water supplies. This will be reported to the government by September 2017.

KemI has also been assigned to investigate potential national and/or EU regulations and other measurements (specifically for firefighting foams but other uses may also be considered). Within the national action plan the Swedish CA is also performing a survey of different PFASs and their uses on the market and the occurrence of alternatives. The Swedish CA will also work for an EU-action plan for the group of PFAS substances. In addition there are also activities by other Swedish agencies.

Action Path taken BEPs Implemented Category of PFASss addressed Articles covered? Life cycle stage(s) addressed Method of approach Public- private partnership encouraged? Level of constraint

Analysis of PFAS in fire-fighting foams

Monitoring Not relevant Both target (19 different PFASs) and non-target screening analysis Yes Use in products Analysis No None

Development of a national action plan for PFAS

Political target to reduce the use andemissions that will lead to exposure to humans via drinking water. Increase knowledge for PFASs Not relevant All PFASs Yes Whole life cycle Voluntary, Regulatory Yes Potentially regulations and/or voluntary agreement
Investigating and if needed suggest national and/or EU regulations and other measurements, specially for fire-fighting foams  Manage the manufacture, sale, import and export Not relevant All PFASs Yes  Use in products and articles   Voluntary and regulatory  Yes  Potentially regulations and/or voluntary agreement
Mapping of uses and applications of PFAs and the alternatives on the market  Literature survey Not relevant  All PFASs  Yes  Use in products and articles  Literature survey   No None 
Action value for drinking water Manage exposure  Water management  Sum of seven PFAS (PFOA, PFHpA, PFHxA, PFPeA, PFOS, PFHxS, PFBS)  No  Product use?  Regulatory  No 

Water treatment measures


Collection of analytical data of PFAS in drinking water from Swedish municipalities Risk assessment   All PFASs  - Discharges from all life cycles are addressed  Voluntary Yes 

Voluntary agreements


Monitoring and screening of PFASs in the environment Continuous monitoring   Not relevant  -  No Discharges from all life cycles are addressed   Analysis  No Monitoring 
Development of preliminary guidelines values for PFAS in soil and groundwater  - Not relevant   - No  Discharges from all life cycles are addressed   Analysis No  Basis for the preparation of general guidelines regarding remediation of PFAS- contaminated areas 
Proposal for Environmental Quality Standard level for PFOS in groundwater body  -  PFOS Regulatory   -
Follow-up of the PFOS regulation under the Stockholm Convention, with an aim to minimise exemptions Continuous assessment of the necessity of exemptions from the PFOS ban in the Stockholm Convention Yes, as far as possible PFOS and PFOS related substances Yes All Regulatory No Fewer exemptions



Occurrence and use of highly fluorinated substances and alternatives


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