Agricultural pesticides and biocides

Other OECD Activities


Other OECD Activities
Other OECD activities which are broadly applicable to not only pesticides, but also other chemical products, such as new and existing industrial chemicals and biocides.

The OECD Environmental Exposure Assessment Programme
The Environmental Exposure Assessment Programme  and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) organised a workshop in Ottawa, Canada in November 2001 on the use of Multi-Media Models for estimating overall environmental persistence and long-range transport in the context of assessment of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) and Persistent, Bioaccumualtive and Toxic (PBTs) compounds. The workshop findings are presented in a report OECD/UNEP Guidance on POP/PBT Multimedia Models (2004).


The OECD Task Force on Environmental Exposure Assessment and IPCS (International Programme of Chemical Safety) jointly published a report describing the key generic terms used in hazard and risk assessment of chemicals  Descriptions of Selected Key Generic Terms used in Chemical Hazard/Risk Assessment  (2003).


This Guidance Document Guidance Document for the Conduct of Studies of Occupational Exposure to Pesticides During Agricultural Application, (1997): Testing and Assessment Series No.9, presents an internationally harmonized approach to the conduct of studies of occupational exposure to pesticides during agricultural application.


The OECD Test Guidelines Programme
Guidelines for pesticide testing are developed within the larger  Test Guidelines Programme  of the OECD Environment, Health and Safety Programme. Approximately 100 guidelines for chemical testing have been published since the programme began in the early 1980s. Many of these apply to pesticides.



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