Agricultural pesticides and biocides

Country Data Review Reports for Agricultural Chemical Pesticides



OECD Guidance for Country Data Review Reports on Plant Protection Products and their Active Substances - Revision 2, May 2005:

pdf - Main document
pdf  - Standard terms and abbreviations
pdf  - Preparation (formulation) types and codes
pdf  - Guidance with respect to pagination, lay-out, tables and references 
pdf - Suggested order for the preparation of each of the four levels and three annexes of the monographs to be prepared by regulatory authorities
pdf  - Form for use in reporting details of intended uses (GAP information) 
pdf  - Format for the listing of end points to be included in the reasoned statement of the overall conclusions drawn by the regulatory authority (Level 2)
pdf   - Format for the listing of test and study reports and other documentation evaluated (Annex A)
pdf  - Format for the listing of test and study reports and other documentation relied on (Annex B)
pdf - Guidance Notes for Analysis and Evaluation of Particular Types of Studies

Benefits for governments

The format for government evaluations should change the way regulatory authorities in OECD countries write their evaluation reports on the tests submitted by industry.  It should help improve the quality of review reports by ensuring that they are clear, complete, well-organised and transparent. This enables governments to use each other's reports more easily than in the past, saving time and resources. However, governments continue to apply their own criterial when making decisions.


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