Agricultural pesticides and biocides

Countries which do not post information on their review reports


No information on biocides reviewed or biocide review reports are posted on web site by the Service Maîtrise des risques under the Service des Affaires Environnementales, Ministère des Affaires Sociales, de la Santé Publique et de l'Environnement, who is the main competent authority for the authorization of biocides in Belgium.

Service Maîtrise des risques
Administration de l'hygiène publique, Section Environnement
Cité administrative de l'État, Quartier Vésale
B-1010 Bruxelles

Adresse postale:
Bld Pachéco l9, BP 7
B-1010 Bruxelles
Tél.: +32 2 210.64.12 - Fax: +32 2 210.47.04


For agricultural pesticides and biocides* regulated by the Danish Environment Protection Agency:

Review reports are not publicly available on a web site. There are currently discussions on this issue.

* To see which biocides are regulated by the (DK EPA), click here .


Finland does not post any reviews (whole assessments) or statements (summary) to the web pages of competent authorities. Reviews and statements are only available on paper copies.

The home pages of national authorities responsible for the authorisation of agricultural pesticides and biocides are:
Plant Production Inspection Centre

A register of authorized products is NOT found on this page, but there is information concerning recent agricultural pesticide product registrations accepted.

National Product Control Agency for Welfare and Health  (in Finnish).

Finnish Environment Institute (in English)


The ministry of agriculture who is responsible for agricultural pesticides registration has a policy not to provide information about their review activities on the web.

France has not started the biocide registration process according to the EU Biocidal Products Directive (98/8/EC) and therefore there are no reviews available concerning biocides.


The Federal Office of Food Safety and Consumer Protection (BVL) who is the competent authority for the authorisation of plant protection products and the designated national authority for the EU review programme of active substances, does not make the review reports available on the web.

Presently, there are no biocide assessment reports in Germany.


Ireland does not make agricultural pesticides and biocides review reports available on the web.
For information on Biocides in Ireland, click here .


Poland does not make review reports available on the web.


Feedback from the Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic, Risk Management Department (Tel: +421-7-5956 2151, Fax: +421-7-5956 2367):

Review (assessement) reports for agricultural pesticides and biocides are not posted on the web at present.


The Swiss Federal Office of Agriculture is the authority responsible for the authorisation of plant protection products (i.e. agricultural pesticides)

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (BAG), Division of Chemical products, is the responsible regulatory agency for the approval of biocidal products in Switzerland.

Presently Switzerland does not make reviews, assessments, or reports publically available either for pesticides or for biocides. In June 1999 Switzerland has put a new ordinance into force for the registration of plant protection products (i.e. agricultural pesticides). This now forms a legal basis for the publication of evaluations and reports in the future.

For many years, Switzerland has published a register of authorized plant protection products; the register is made available in German and French and can be found at the address:


SLOVENIA (Observer country to the OECD)
Feedback from the Ministry of Health, National Chemicals Bureau:
A list of authorised products is available but not posted on the web. Slovenia, however is planning to provide in the near future a register of authorised products in English and Slovene languages on the web.


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