Agricultural pesticides and biocides

Agricultural Pesticides


Pesticides are chemical or biological products used in agriculture to protect plants. The OECD helps governments co-operate in assessing and reducing the risks of agricultural pesticides. The OECD encourages governments to share the work of pesticide registration and develops tools to monitor and minimise pesticide risk to health and the environment. Non-agricultural pesticides are dealt with under the OECD Biocides Programme.

What's new

The OECD releases a Working Document on Considerations for the Environmental Risk Assessment of the Application of Sprayed or Externally Applied ds-RNA-Based Pesticides (No. 104). This document provides a broad set of recommendations relating to risk assessment considerations for exogenously-applied double-stranded RNA (dsRNA)-based products, with a focus on issues relating to data requirements for determining the environmental fate of sprayable RNA molecules and for examining the potential risks to non-target organisms. This document is intended to provide an overview of available scientific information related to RNA interference (RNAi), and considerations on regulating this technology for pest control.


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