IPM Guidelines in sectors


This section presents IPM guidelines for sectors, consisting of a number of crops, and also information about non-productive or non-agricultural areas. The information is organised in alphabetical order by sectors in the table below.

Arable cropsFruits and Vegetables •  Pomefruit Citrus Orchards Pulse Soybean Crop profilesSeveral sectors




Arable crops  Belgium Integrated Quality management in arable crops and horticultural products
Citrus Spain/Valencia Integrated Production of citrus in the area of Valencia
Crop Profiles Canada Crop Profiles with crop production and pest management information on a commodity basis
Fruits and Vegetables Germany Guideline integrated production in fruits and vegetables
Orchards Canada Mating disruption methods in orchards
Pomefruit Australia Integrated pest management for Australian Apple and Pears
Pulse Canada Pulse production manuals
Soybean Canada

Soybean Aphid monitoring

Several sectors Canada/British Columbia Guides to best management practices and crop protection in British Columbia
Several sectors Switzerland Ecological performance: technical rules for Farms with arable crops, forage crops and vegetable



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