Incentive Systems


Incentives can significantly support IPM uptake on farm level as it may require additional efforts by growers in the initial stages. This section informs about such incentives (more detail will be added in the near future as a survey on IPM incentives is currently underway by OECD). The countries listed below have implemented various incentive systems.

Australia • Belgium • Canada • Denmark • Germany • Estonia • Ireland • Japan • Netherlands • New Zealand • Portugal • Slovenia • Spain • United Kingdom • United States



Flemish Region: According to European common agricultural policy agro environmental measures such as pheromone disruption in pome fruits, mechanical weed control, organic farming, sustainable culture of ornamentals and biodiversity are subsidised. The link provides an overview.



As part of the the two most recent action plans (Green Growth and Pesticide Strategy 2013-2015) funding has been allocated to establish 7 demonstration farms (5 arable farms and 2 horticultural farms (orchard and ornamental), set-up a programme offering focused IPM guidance to 1200-1500 arable farmers and specific IPM guidance for horticultural crops. These activities are the responsibility of the Knowledge Centre for Agriculture, the main centre of the Danish Agricultural Advisory Centre.

Pesticide taxes have been an integrated part of all pesticide action plans in Denmark. Pesticide taxes are seen as an incentive to farmers to minimize pesticide use. Until this year the pesticide tax was a value added tax (33% for herbicides, fungicides and plant growth regulators and 55% for insecticides). From this year the tax will be calculated on basis of a newly developed Pesticide Load Indicator (PLI). The PLI incorporates effects on human health (based on the risk sentences on the label), fate in the environment and ecotoxicological effects (the last two are calculated on basis of the inherent properties of the compounds). The new tax is expected to promote the use of the more benign products,



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