IPM strategies in crops and sectors


The intention of this section is to present IPM case studies and projects in different farming systems and crops and regions. The studies focus on the practical implementation of IPM tools, technologies, projects and results mainly with regard to crop protection. The projects are listed in alphabetical order of crops.


Sector or crop Provided by: Date provided

Topic of the case-study

Area covered
Cotton FAO September 2013

Title: IPPM Case Study 

FAO's West African Regional Integrated Production and Pest Management (IPPM) Programme

West Africa
Orchards (pome fruits, walnuts, cherries, peaches, apricots) and small read fruits IBMA September 2013

Title: Regio Biocontrole

The project intends to develop and use the sterile insects technique (SIT) as the core method for the biological control of invading pests in fruit production.

 France (initially)
Raspberry The James Hutton Institute, Scotland, UK March 2014

Title: An IPM Programme for protected raspberry crops

The project combines aphid resistant raspberry varieties, semiochemical enhanced traps for raspberry beetle, macroinvertebrate biocontrol and biopesticides to reduce conventional chemical use by at least 30%.

UK (with some testing in Switzerland, France Norway, New Zealand and the US). 
 Corn Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada & PMRA, Canada March 2014 Title: Knowledge transfer for integrated management of European Corn Borer 

Transfert de connaissance en lutte intégrée destiné à la pyrale du maïs (French version)

The project aims to present a case study demonstrating successful results from knowledge and technology transfer on integrated European Corn Borer management.

 Canada (Quebec province)
Pome (apple) Canada (Okanagan-Kootenay Sterile Insect Release Program) May 2014 Title: Okanagan-Kootenay Sterile Insect Release (OKSIR) Program: The story of an integrated area-wide management system successfully implemented for codling moth control in Canadian apple orchards. British Columbia, Canada

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