Video series: Perspectives on green finance and investment


Leading actors across the green finance and investment community give their perspectives on what has to be done to acheive the objectives of the Paris Agreement and the broader set of environmental objectives linked to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):


Climate challenges and cities (Carl Pope)


Green Private investment (Naoko Ishii)


Infrastructure investment for a low-carbon transition in Asia (Diwakar Gupta)


Banks' role in supporting the low-carbon transition (Nathalie Jaubert)


China's shift to a low-carbon economy (Chai Qimin)


Moving towards more robust climate disclosure (Catherine Howarth)


Responsible investment (Hugh Wheelan)


OECD’s policy dialogues on green finance and investment (Geraldine Ang)


Driving investment for the low-carbon transition in Europe (Christian Thimann)

India's low-carbon renewable energy (KS Popli)



Renewable energy in South Africa (Penny Herbst)


The Green Finance Initiative of London (Sir Roger Gifford)


Green finance and renewable energy (Georgina Grenon)


Green finance in Brazil (Marcelo Allain)


Green finance in developing countries (Naeeda Crishna Morgado)


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