The OECD Tourism Committee


With OECD countries contributing some 70% of world tourism trade, the OECD Tourism Committee is in a unique position to serve as an international forum for co-ordinating policies and actions. The OECD is the only global forum for discussions of tourism policies among industrialised countries.

Once a year, the OECD brings together senior policy makers in the tourism area to discuss major industry developments, takes action when required, assembles material on policies and contributes to the work of other parts of the OECD. The OECD Tourism Committee also co-operates with the World Tourism Organisation, the European Union and the International Labour Organisation. It engages in dialogue with non-member countries, and provides a forum for discussion with industry, academia and other groups through consultation and seminars.

In 1971, the Committee created a Statistical Working Party whose main purpose is to provide Member countries with appropriate background material on which to base policy-making discussions and decisions. The Statistical Working Party meets once a year.


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