Tourism project : Review on tourism and the creative industries


The creative industries now play an important role in the development and growth of tourism, particularly by influencing the image of destinations (e.g. film-induced tourism). However, the creative industries are also well placed to benefit from the growth in the experience economy, by providing tourists with the opportunity to participate in new, creative and authentic experiences (e.g. courses and workshops offered by local artisans).

Despite the growing significance of the creative industries to tourism, little work has been done to understand the potential of the relationship (including potential demand and markets), in order to enable the development of effective policies, and ensure coherency across government.

The review on Tourism and the Creative Industries will contribute to:

  Better understanding the relationship between tourism and the creative industries, including an analysis of current and potential demand, potential markets, and economic impacts.

  Examining the potential role of tourism and the creative industries as a catalyst for local and regional development.

  Examining strategies and methods to build a strong creative tourism offering.

  Sharing country experiences, innovations and good practice to enable national tourism bodies to maximise the potential economic and other benefits associated with creative industry.



This thematic review will seek to better understand how the creative industries currently contribute to tourism and the quality of tourist destinations (at the national, regional and local level). Country case studies will be used to share experiences and identify examples of good practice. Policy options will focus on how to generate synergies, enabling national/regional/local tourism administrations to maximise the economic and other benefits between tourism and the creative industries.


The tentative outline of the review includes the following chapters:

  The creative industries in the economy
  Tourism and the creative industries
  Country/region/city case studies: policy practices and innovations


Expected output result

A publication on Tourism and the Creative Industries, to be released in 2014.



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