Tourism project : A review of effective tourism policies for growth


The current economic situation (slow growth, high unemployment) requires governments to utilise at best all sources of growth. Tourism represents an important share of the services economy, both domestically and internationally, and a growth sector. The challenge for many countries is how to support a long-term sustainable process of growth in tourism services to extract the full economic potential of tourism.

Many factors affect tourism growth. They include the economic situation, the regulatory environment (e.g. for SMEs and entrepreneurship), the business models and their competitiveness in the global market (e.g. price, innovation), the distribution of visitor flows and revenues in space and in time, the quality and quantity of skills and labour available, the specificities of the domestic tourism economy, the governance and the public support to tourism, and the characteristics of the tourists themselves (e.g. demographic change).

The  objective  of  this  activity  will  be  to  review  tourism  and  other  support  policies  for  a renewed approach to tourism growth. In order to exploit the full economic potential that tourism has to offer, through a process of growth, which is greener, stronger and more inclusive, a range of interlinked policy challenges will be addressed:

  promoting a robust institutional framework, including greater vertical and horizontal integration;

  promoting tourism policies for growth and open tourism markets;

  identifying new high value sources of growth and competitiveness in tourism, including innovation, green growth, and           skills; and

  addressing long-term issues, such as globalisation, demographic change, infrastructure quality, and climate change.

 This project will examine these challenges in an integrated manner, in order to develop a more coherent response to the individual challenges they present, and potential inter-connected policy responses to support sustainable tourism growth.



The review will build on former work developed by the OECD Tourism Committee, Member countries and other organisations, to refine the policy challenges and develop a comprehensive analytical framework for policy issues concerned with a renewed policy approach to tourism growth. This work will take stock of recent reforms carried out in the field of tourism and learn from policy experience and research. The key policy questions that the review will focus on will be refined in close consultation with countries. This could include, for example:

  How   can   governance   structures   and   interactions   between   different   levels   of government be more conducive to a more inclusive growth?
  What  mechanisms  can  be  most  appropriate  and  effective  to  steer  the  tourism community towards supporting a              growth which would be greener, more inclusive, and stronger?
  What  financing  arrangements,  innovative tools  and incentives  can  be  promoted to support investment in tourism?            How to make resource allocation for tourism priorities more efficient?
  How to get closer cooperation and involvement of tourism businesses in a renewed approach to tourism growth?


Expected output result

An analytical framework for a renewed approach to tourism growth, with particular attention to policies  and  practices  that support  greener,  more  inclusive  and  stronger  growth,  to  be completed in 2014.



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