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The 2014 edition of OECD Tourism Trends and Policies covers OECD member countries and selected non-members. This activity will be undertaken in co-operation with the European Union. We will also cooperate with other international organisations where appropriate.

The objective of the publication is to highlight key tourism policy developments, issues that rank high on the policy agenda in the field of tourism and provide a broad overview and interpretation of tourism trends in the OECD area and beyond. The report includes data on tourism economics,  thus  capturing  the  growing  amount  of  information  available  on  tourism  satellite accounts.

Previous editions focused on: “Governance of Tourism in OECD Countries”; “A Framework for the Evaluation of Tourism Policies and Programmes”; “Education and Training for Competitiveness and Growth in Tourism”; “Tourism 2020: Policies to Promote Competitive and Sustainable Tourism”; “Tourism Satellite Accounts: Data for Business and Policy Development”; “New Paradigm for International Tourism Policy”; “Enhancing the role of SMEs in the Global Tourism Industry” and “Services Trade Liberalisation and Tourism Development”.



The 2014 edition will analyse the latest tourism policy developments highlighted by the countries. It will include a few synthesis tables of the main and most recent statistical indicators and trends of the tourism sector. It will focus chiefly on tourism and growth, and particularly on policies that support greener, stronger, and more inclusive tourism growth. The thematic chapters will cover issues such as travel facilitation, taxation, and tourism and growth.

The country profiles will aim at taking into account shifts in government priorities and government initiatives as they evolve. It will present for each country: i) what tourism represents in the national economy; ii) how tourism is organised and financed; iii) what are the key legislative instruments and policy tools used for supporting tourism development; and iv) provide some key data  on  domestic  tourism,  inbound  tourism,  outbound  tourism,  employment,  enterprises  and tourism in the national economy (e.g. tourism consumption, tourism GDP). 


Expected output result

A publication on tourism trends and policies in OECD and selected non-members countries, to be released during the first quarter of 2014.



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