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  • 14-June-2001


    Tourism Satellite Account: Recommended Methodological Framework

    Information on the role tourism plays in national economies throughout the world is particularly deficient, and credible data concerning tourism is needed. The TSA is a new statistical tool that is compatible with international national accounting guidelines and will allow for valid comparisons.

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  • 15-May-2001


    Measuring the Role of Tourism in OECD Economies

    The OECD Manual on Tourism Satellite Accounts and Employment

  • 4-May-2001


    Economic Impact of Tourism

    The service economy is driving growth in most OECD countries. It represents a large part of economic activity and its importance continues to grow.

  • 30-March-2001


    Selected Presentations, Summary and Recommendations - Seminar on Tourism Policy and Economic Growth

    Presentations, summary and recommendations of the OECD Seminar on Tourism Policy and Economic Growth held in Berlin on 6-7 March 2001.

  • 6-March-2001


    OECD Seminar on Tourism Policy and Economic Growth, Berlin, 6-7 March 2001

    OECD Seminar on Tourism Policy and Economic Growth during The International Tourism Bourse (ITB).

  • 3-March-2001

    English, , 17kb

    Main issues for discussion, Berlin, 6-7 March 2001

    Tourism, a substantial and expanding economic activity, is for a large part of an international nature. The growth of tourism - which generates income, jobs and foreign exchange - represents an opportunity for all countries, if negative impacts o...

  • 1-January-2001


    Performance of OECD tourism policies

    This activity aims to promote the compatibility and mutual reinforcement of tourism policies in a broader policy framework.

  • 1-January-2001


    Market Orientation of National Tourism Organisations

    This project investigates approaches to creating incentives for national tourism organisations (NTO) to become more market-oriented.

  • 27-July-2000

    English, , 589kb

    Measuring the Role of Tourism in OECD Economies - Employment Module

    OECD Manual on Tourism Sattelite Accounts: Employment Module

  • 20-June-2000


    Fifth International Forum on Tourism Statistics

    The forum will discuss major technical factors in the establishment of harmonised tourism statistics in an environment that strengthens co-operation between governments, the private sector, researchers, academics and international organisations.

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