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  • 3-March-2001

    English, , 17kb

    Main issues for discussion, Berlin, 6-7 March 2001

    Tourism, a substantial and expanding economic activity, is for a large part of an international nature. The growth of tourism - which generates income, jobs and foreign exchange - represents an opportunity for all countries, if negative impacts o...

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  • 27-July-2000

    English, , 589kb

    Measuring the Role of Tourism in OECD Economies - Employment Module

    OECD Manual on Tourism Sattelite Accounts: Employment Module

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  • 15-October-1999

    English, , 26kb

    Roundtable on Regional Policy and Tourism

    Main issues for discussion.

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  • 1-June-1991

    English, , 105kb

    Inventory of Measures Perceived as Obstacles to International Tourism

    Over the last thirty years, international tourism, (as expressed in the "travel" account in Balance of Payments statistics, which excludes international passenger transport) has grown more rapidly than any other service sector and, in terms of ...

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