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  • 9-August-2004

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  • 6-August-2004

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    Australia National Tourism Policy Review

    Australia has had one of the strongest performing economies of the world in recent years. As a high-growth, low-inflation, low-interest rate economy, it is more robust than ever before.

  • 6-August-2004

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  • 6-August-2004

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    Ireland National Tourism Policy Review

    Ireland is one of the most open economies in Europe. International trade is the life-blood of its prosperity. It has come through the recent international economic downturn better than most. Over the past decade, Ireland's macroeconomic policies, including fiscal management, tax reforms, incomes policies and investment in education, have laid the foundation for a virtuous circle, reinforcing growth and strengthening the resilience

  • 6-August-2004

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  • 6-August-2004

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  • 26-October-2001


    OECD Sees Short-Term Hardship for Tourist Industry after September 11th Attacks

    The September 11th attacks and their aftermath have hit the tourist industry hard, compounding the economic downturn that was already under way, but long-term prospects for the industry remain positive, according to travel and tourism policy expe...

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