Key activities


Tourism Policy Review. Examines national tourism policies with a view to deepen mutual understanding of current policy issues, identify gaps, shortcomings and successes, and review the economic, social and environmental impacts of those policies. Exchanges and disseminates information on tourism policies.

Liberalisation of tourism services. Encourages further liberalisation of tourism activities, both within and outside the OECD area.

Economic impact of tourism . Conducts co-operative efforts to measure accurately and analyse the socio-economic importance of tourism in OECD and non-OECD economies with a view to improve the understanding of the role of tourism in the economy. Produces OECD Guidelines on Tourism Satellite Accounts and co-produces a joint framework with the World Tourism Organization and Eurostat.

Measuring human resources in tourism . Contributes to improve national and international comparability of tourism-related employment data and seeks to identify suitable policy initiatives for maximising the industry's contribution to job creation.

Dialogue with non-member countries. Exchanges information on tourism policies and promotes best practices through consultations and seminars.


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