Tourism Project : Coutry/Thematic reviews of tourism issues and policies at national and local levels


Thematic studies and country reviews are highly relevant for gaining insights into the design and effectiveness of tourism policies and programmes in different social, economic and geographical contexts. The objective of this activity is to enhance tourism performance and competitiveness, to increase knowledge about tourism policy design and evaluation, diffuse evidence-based lessons and best practices and to strengthen policy coherence at national and local levels.

The country reviews will provide: i) a diagnosis of the vitality of the tourism sector at national and local levels; ii) an assessment of the strengths of existing national and local tourism policies and challenges for their future development; iii) recommendations for future policy improvements.

The thematic reviews will provide an in depth analysis and concrete policy recommendations on specific areas of intervention linking this area with the broader tourism policy framework.


Country reviews are prepared by the OECD Secretariat with the assistance of external experts and Tourism Committee delegates (e.g. a steering group composed of delegates to the Tourism Committee). Reviews build upon a common analytical, but flexible, framework to evaluate tourism policies. The country reviews are prepared in five main phases:

  Preparatory phase: including the definition of an outline for the review followed by data gathering (fact-finding questionnaire);
  Consultation phase: including a fact-finding mission;
  Drafting phase;
  Assessment phase: including the discussion of the review report and findings and a peer review process with the Tourism Committee; and
  Communication phase: including a report or a publication and a high level seminar (to be organised with the support of the country under review) to disseminate the results and the recommendations to a wider audience.

Thematic reviews focus on specific programmes of action and are prepared by the OECD Secretariat and external experts. The thematic reviews include a preparatory phase (definition of an outline); a drafting phase and the identification of concrete recommendations. The reviews will contribute to analyse linkages between tourism and other economic activities (e.g. agriculture, energy, transport or construction). In addition to the current Review on Tourism and the Creative Industries, other potential thematic reviews include: i) water and tourism; and ii) health and medical tourism.


Expected output result

Country and thematic reviews.



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