SMEs and entrepreneurship

Workshop on building business linkages that boost SME productivity


20-21 February 2018 Mexico City

The workshop on Building business linkages that boost SME productivity was organised by the OECD in collaboration with the Mexican National Institute of the Entrepreneurs (INADEM). It examined the main policy levers for increasing SME productivity by building linkages with other firms, including through the use the digital technologies, supply-chain finance and crowdfunding, cluster development and FDI-SME linkages. It was held back to back with the Ministerial Conference on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises



This 2-day workshop provided an opportunity to discuss the following themes:

  • Business linkages: what are they and how do they affect SME productivity?
  • Digitalisation and its implications for business linkages and SME productivity
  • Financing business linkages: the role of supply chain finance and crowdfunding
  • How clusters can help SMEs join global value chains
  • Strengthening linkages between foreign investors and local SMEs

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Session I: Seizing digitalisation as a catalyst for SME productivity

Session II: Making the most of digital technologies to support business linkages

Session III: Financing business linkages: the role of supply chain finance for SME productivity


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