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  • 3-April-2003


    Workshop on Entrepreneurship, Budapest, Hungary, 8-10 September 2003

    This Workshop will be hosted by the Hungarian Government and will be open to non-member economies participating in the Bologna Process. It will centre on issues related to entrepreneurship and SME development and will identify policy recommendati...

  • 3-April-2003


    Workshop on Statistics, OECD, Paris, 16-18 September 2003

    The need for better quantitative and qualitative information relating to SMEs is one of the cross-cutting issues of the Bologna Process. This Workshop, organised by the Statistics Directorate, will aim at deriving concrete statistical recommendat...

  • 6-February-2003

    English, , 702kb

    High Growth SMEs and Employment

    High-growth SMEs are among the top 5-10% of all growing firms in terms of the number of jobs created, and are key players in economic growth. They are found in all industries and regions, and tend to be concentrated in a limited number of sectors...

  • 4-February-2003

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    Management Training in SMEs

    This report presents the findings of management training case studies in six OECD countries: Canada, Finland, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United States.

  • 6-January-2003


    STI Working Paper 2002/12: Use of Plant-Level Microdata for the Evaluation of SME Innovation Policy in Japan

    Japan’s SME policies have reached a turning point and have changed into a more pro-competitive policy to foster entrepreneurship and innovation in SMEs. This paper evaluates this policy and new innovation promotion schemes through an examination of plant-level micro data.

  • 10-December-2002


    OECD Small and Medium Enterprise Outlook, 2002 Edition

    SME policy trends in 28 OECD countries with international comparisons and recent findings on enterprise demography, taxation, SMEs and entrepreneurship, SMEs and environmental management, and implications of global industrial restructuring for SMEs.

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  • 25-May-2002


    STI Working Paper 2002/14: Organisational Change and Firm Performance

    Performance improvements from organisational investments are greatest when production, management and consumer approaches are combined, and when these bundled practices are implemented in conjunction with information and communications technologies (ICT)....

  • 9-March-2002


    STI Working Paper 2002/9: Taxation, SMEs and Entrepreneurship

    by Duanjie Chen, Frank C. Lee and Jack MintzThis paper discusses the implications of tax policy for the growth of entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Some existing features of OECD tax systems are biased against entrepreneurs and small firms....

  • 28-February-2002


    STI Working Papers 2002/4: Global Industrial Restructuring: Implications for Small Firms

    by Kentaro SakaiThis paper assesses the drivers of global industrial restructuring and the impacts on small firms. It presents a detailed sectoral analysis of small-firm participation in cross-border strategic alliances.

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  • 10-October-2001


    Workshop on Firm-Level Statistics and Enterprise Demography

    Firm-level data sets are a rich source of information for policy-relevant analysis, e.g. in the areas of firm creation, entrepreneurship, technological change and productivity. However, there are important problems in making these data comparable...

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