Regional development

Resilient Cities Workshop


5-6 November 2015, OECD Headquarters, Paris, France


Day 1: 14h00-18h00, Day 2: 9h30h–18h00



Cities around the world are facing numerous challenges in respect to economic development and social inclusion. Regardless of the nature of a crisis, such as a financial crisis, structural change, natural disasters or long-term pressures, or indeed ageing and depopulation, cities need to consider how to become resilient – to resist and recover from adverse shocks, and to “bounce back” stronger than before. At their Paris meeting in June 2015, OECD Ministers acknowledged “….the growing role of cities in fostering entrepreneurship to promote a more resilient and sustainable economy and society”.

This project aims to provide an assessment framework for resilience by exploring the drivers within its economic, social, environmental and institutional dimensions. It will also outline how innovative approaches of cities have helped build resilient communities, economy, institutions and environment. The OECD is determined to make this project contribute to responding to the global challenge of building resilient economies and inclusive societies.

The workshop will explore ways in which urban areas can build their resilience in the context of economic, social and environmental shocks, and provide an excellent opportunity to share experiences among participants as well as the progress of the discussion on resilience among international organisations. A day of high-level exchange among representatives from participating case study cities in the OECD “Resilient Cities” report (Kyoto, Kobe, Lisbon, Oslo, Ottawa, and Cardiff), as well as national delegates and international organisations, will be accompanied by a report by the OECD on the progress of the project and presentations by the case study cities. Drawing from this knowledge on resilience in cities, international organisations and national delegates are invited to share their insights and discuss key options for advancing the policy agenda for resilient cities.