Regional development

OECD eXplorer


With the OECD eXplorer, define yourself your selection among the wealth of indictors provided by the OECD Regional databases, and choose the visualisation that suits the best to highlight your findings.

The eXplorer is a web-tool that enables the visualization of socio-economic information at detailed territorial level providing clear insight on regional differences and performance within a country and comparison of different areas across countries. eXplorer enables users to explore spatial, temporal and multivariate data from multiple perspectives simultaneously, to discover interesting relationships, and communicate their incremental discoveries.

At any time you can create a story with data, share your findings or add your own data to increase our knowledge of how life is lived – and can be improved – from region to region in the OECD area. Two eXplorers are available for your navigation:                             


The Regional eXplorer to visualise statistics for small (TL3) and large (TL2) regions, on demography, economy and labour market opportunities, environment, social issues and innovation related activities.

eXplorer regional‌ 
The Metropolitan eXplorer to visualise statistics and functionnal areas of cities having a population of 500 000 or more.
 metro explorer


Maps presented in these pages are for illustrative purposes and are without prejudice to the status of or sovereignty over any territory covered by these maps. The sources of administrative boundaries are the National Statistical Offices and FAO Global Administrative Unit Layers (GAUL).

Specific information on data for Israel:                                          


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