Regional development

Functional urban areas by country


Developing a common definition of metropolitan areas increases international comparability of the economic, social and environmental performances of metropolitan areas. The OECD and the EU have developed  a harmonised definition of urban areas as "functional economic units".

The following profiles provide the functional urban areas of each country. The following information is included:

  • Map of the country with all the functional urban areas.
  • List of the functional urban areas by population size.
  • Population living in functional urban areas.
  • Methodological notes on data used.
  • Shapefiles of the metropolitan areas areas by country

The map and list of urban areas are in pdf and shapefile format below:





Japan - shapefile


Korea - shapefile


Luxembourg - shapefile

 Chile shapefile

 Mexico - shapefile

Colombiashapefile - paper

Netherlands‌ - shapefile

 Czech Republicshapefile

New Zealand - shapefile





European Union - shapefile



 Slovak Republicshapefile





Greece - shapefile


Hungary - shapefile


 Iceland - shapefile

 Turkey - shapefile

Ireland - shapefile

 United Kingdomshapefile

Israel - shapefile

United States - shapefile