Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

Workshop on Local Development Policy and Performance Information Tools - Presentations


 Ivana Studena, LEED Programme, OECD- Background and Objectives of the Project and Selected comments to the scoping methodology paper

Petr ADAMEK, Berman Group, Czech Republic

Peter LLOYD, ECOTEC Research & Consulting, United Kingdom

Gábor BALÁS, National Development Agency,Hungary

Dagne-Elzbieta EITUTYTE, UAB Vilnius School of Moderation, Lithuania

Amy HEYMAN, University Luigi Bocconi, Italy

Andrey IVANOV,UNDP Bratislava Regional Centre

Neil MACCALLUM, Scottish Chambers of Commerce, United Kingdom

Yasho MINKOV, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Bulgaria

Ville VALOVIRTA, VTT Innovation Studies, Finland


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