Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

OECD workshop on strengthening local labour market opportunities for migrants


 TBC OECD Headquarters

What's the issue?

Migrants make a vital contribution to the demographic, economic and cultural vitality of many regions and cities. However, migrants tend to have poorer employment and skills outcomes than the native-born population. Many OECD countries are seeking to identify key success factors that can guide implementation at the local level to better link migrants to better quality jobs.

By connecting job-seekers, employers, and other labour market actors, employment services have an important role to play in ensuring a well-functioning and inclusive labour market. Employment services are key actors in providing programmes and services for migrants which include language and job specific training, coaching to raise job aspirations, as well as support in the recognition of skills and qualifications acquired in another country. A local approach is often needed to tackle the complex labour market barriers that migrants face. 


Why attend?

This side workshop of the OECD Local Development Forum will bring together representative from key OECD countries to discuss the place-based challenges and opportunities related to the labour market integration of migrants. Participants will take away new insights on:

  • What new local strategies are being take to strengthen the role of employment services towards improving the labour market outcomes of the migrants?
  • How can employment services work more effectively to adapt the intensity of services and supports to the needs of migrants in different local labour markets?


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