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LEED Trento Topic: Employment, skills To contribute to more and better quality jobs through: i) better co-ordination between labour market policies, vocational training and economic development; ii) more effective policies and strategies to attract talents, upgrade the skills of the low-qualified and integrate immigrants.


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Forum12th Annual Meeting of the Forum on Partnerships and Local Development - Creativity, jobs and local development (Venice, Italy)
18-19 April 2016
This year the Forum focused on creativity, jobs and local development. We examined how localities can support culture and creative industries as a source of knowledge and job creation and how the creative industry can act as a powerful driving force areas such as tourism, urban regeneration, and social inclusion.

ACTORS Italy - Cultural Attractors for Tourism and Employment in Southern Italian Regions - REVIEW
May 2014 - October 2016
The OECD LEED Trento Centre in agreement with the Italian Government, is assisting the Ministry of Culture, Heritage and Tourism (MIBACT) in the promotion and support of social and economic development  activities in Southern Italian Regions (Basilicata, Calabria, Campania, Apulia and Sicily) through the valorisation of their cultural, natural and landscape attractions.

Seminar: The intangible resources for the future of Trentino - The case of language skills (Trento, Italy)
30 October 2015
The seminar was organised by IPRASE, provincial institute for research and educational experimentation, instrumental body of the Autonomous Province of Trento, and the OECD LEED Trento Centre. The seminar represented a first public reflection on the Trentino Multilingualism Plan within a national and international comparison framework, in view of future prospects

Forum: 11th Annual Meeting of the Forum on Partnerships and Local Development (Manchester, United Kingdom)
24-26 June 2015
Local policymakers have a critical role to play in developing more resilient and inclusive economies, particularly because they are well-positioned to take a more integrated approach to tackling complex challenges and seizing new opportunities. This requires local partners to collaborate and work closely in innovative ways, whilst also re-examining the relationship between local and national policymakers. This event explored topics ranging from empowering communities through local leadership to new approaches to local economic growth and catalysing growth through people by better harnessing skills and increasing productivity.


Events & Activities


Capacity building seminar: Promoting entrepreneurial education in schools (Potsdam, Germany)
3-6 November 2014
The seminar contributed to the development of a tool  that should allow schools to (1) map the perceptions of learners, teachers, parents, and partner organisations as they relate to the entrepreneurial education opportunities (courses, extra-curricular work), resources and support available to teachers (e.g. time for preparation, training, teaching material), and the "outward looking school" (e.g., partnerships for challenge-based learning, new learning environments); and (2) employ this information for organisational development efforts.

Expert Seminar: What works, and what doesn’t? Evidence-based approaches to tackling disadvantage (Paris, France)
15 October 2014
This expert seminar focused on how countries can establish a policy framework to enable effective local action using an evidence-based approach, choosing between different measures at a time of limited resources. The latest evidence from OECD countries on ‘what works’ and ‘what doesn’t’ were considered, with participants sharing their own experiences of what has been successful on the ground.

High-level capacity building seminar: Supporting youth in entrepreneurship (Brussels, Belgium)
22-23 September 2014
The aim of this High-Level Capacity Building Seminar was to have an international exchange of information on inclusive entrepreneurship actions across the European Union and on how the European Union Structural Funds can be used to support actions that combine entrepreneurship promotion and social inclusion. It examined how strategies for youth entrepreneurship can be designed and implemented including consideration of the connections with wider strategies for entrepreneurship and youth employment.

10th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development (Stockholm, Sweden)
23-25 April 2014
The 10th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development brought together some 350 representatives from local partnerships, government officials, public employment services, local leaders, youth organisations, social entrepreneurs, business representatives, and academics to discuss about job creation, partnerships to support school to work transition and managing transitions during the life-cycle. 14 interactive workshops also reviewed experiences in the local implementation of the Youth Guarantee, measuring social impact, evidence based policies for tackling disadvantage, entrepreneurial education and youth entrepreneurship.

Review: The co-operative model in Trentino (Italy) - A case study
May 2014 - November 2014
The Trentino co-operative model has gained wide acclaim for its positive economic and social impact upon the territory. Developing a strong understanding of why the model has been so effective is important in identifying those factors which other localities could utilise as potential criticalities. This case study has therefore focused on developing an in-depth understanding of the Trentino model of the co-operative movement and its Federation.

Policy Review: Supporting the development of local innovation systems in Colombia - The case of Medellin, Antioquia
October 2013 - November 2014
The review intends to provide recommendations to the governments of the city of Medellin and the region of Antioquia to define effective policies to support the development of the local economy and include a focus on how the innovative environment can be strengthened to support inclusion, entrepreneurship, SME, and local development.



Report: Tackling the long-term unemployment amongst vulnerable groups
June 2013
This working paper reports on the work undertaken as part of the OECD LEED Tackling Long-term Unemployment Amongst Vulnerable Groups project. It includes the findings of a survey undertaken jointly by the OECD LEED Programme and the World Association of Public Employment Services in 2012, and also case studies and learning models from around the world on innovative practices to support the long-term unemployed into work.

9th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance (Dublin-Kilkenny, Ireland)
26-27 March 2013
Today many local communities are confronted with the challenge of reducing high and persistent unemployment and defining new sources of economic growth, all in the context of shrinking public resources. The 9th Annual Meeting offered an opportunity to reflect on innovative ways to support local job creation, youth employment and effective policy delivery.

Report: Job creation through the social economy and social entrepreneurship
24 February 2013
This report examines the role of Social Economy Organisation's in the provision of employment, and how they have fared during the recent period of economic turbulence. Attention was also paid to SEOs working with vulnerable individuals, either as direct providers of jobs, or providers of training and services designed to help vulnerable individuals into the mainstream labour market. In particular, the research sought to gain greater understanding of working conditions within these SEOs, and the challenges they faced in providing high quality employment while having to keep costs low in order to operate in competitive markets.

Review: Supporting survival and growth of graduate entrepreneurship: skills, competences and start-up support in Germany
January 2011-December 2013
This project continues OECD LEED work on university entrepreneurship support started in 2006 in the framework of the ongoing collaboration between the Commissioner for the New Federal States, the eastern German Länder and the OECD LEED Programme. The aim of this project is to provide advice for policy makers at Federal and Land levels, and practical assistance to university management and practitioners in charge of business start-up and early growth support, on how to improve the current strategy, infrastructure and practices in supporting new and young firms emerging from universities in order to increase the birth and growth rates.



Workshop: Government approaches to supporting local economic and employment development (Riga, Latvia)
11 October 2012
Today many local communities are confronted with the challenge of reducing high and persistent unemployment and defining new sources of economic growth, all in the context of shrinking public resources. Governments are re-thinking their approaches in supporting local development, seeking ways to achieve maximum local impact and ensure that implementation mechanisms are operating efficiently at a local level. The event gathered representatives of ministries responsible for regional development and employment from Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia and selected OECD countries to exchange on approaches that work in addressing these challenges.

Study visit: Partnership strategies for demographic change and ageing (Province of Carinthia, Austria)
10-12 October 2012
The OECD LEED Forum on partnerships and local governance within the framework of the OECD LEED project on local scenarios of demographic change conducted a study visit to the Province of Carinthia, Austria. Although the overall situation of elderly people in the labour market is better than in most OECD countries, population forecasts indicate that the share of older people will increase dramatically, with Carinthia being more affected than the rest of the country.

Capacity building seminar: Strategic approaches to demographic change in Russia and Eastern Europe (Trento, Italy)
3-4 July 2012
The seminar was targeted at national, regional and local practitioners who dealt with anticipating and managing demographic changes in Russia and Eastern European countries and wanted to interchange experiences and approaches with other experts from OECD countries.

Capacity building seminar: Getting the long-term unemployed back into work - New finance and delivery mechanisms (Trento, Italy)
21-22 June 2012
To find effective financing and delivery mechanisms to address long-term unemployment is a challenge which practitioners and policy-makers confront. The seminar reviewed innovations in these areas and reflected on how they can be used to support the long-term unemployed into employment.

Study visit for local development practitioners: Partnership strategies for youth employment (UpperAustria, Austria)
24-26 April 2012
Issues covered during the study visit included exploring features unique to the Austrian system, such as the dual apprenticeship system and qualification guarantees. The structure and targets of the Territorial Employment Pact were discussed and project visits to relevant initiatives allowed participants to meet with project promoters and participants, and discuss programme implementation and outcomes.

Capacity building seminar: Designing and implementing E-government policies - The case of the Palestinian Autorithy (Trento, Italy)
28-29 March 2012
This capacity building seminar was co-organised by the MENA-OECD Governance Programme, within the context of the MENA-OECD Initiative to Support the Palestinian Authority, and the OECD LEED Trento Centre for Local Development. Thirteen delegates from different ministries of the Palestinian Authority lead by Mr. Suleiman Mustafa Zuhairi, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Telecommunications and IT, visited Trento to work on designing and implementing e-government policies in the Palestinian Authority.

8th Annual Meeting of the Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance: Partnerships for youth - Getting the young into jobs and business for successful working life (Berlin, Germany)
20-21 March 2012
The transition from education to work is not easy for many young people, particularly when it comes to finding sustainable employment with progression opportunities. While many OECD countries have recently put in place new national policies to support youth, they will be more effective if they are implemented in a coordinated way at local level. Providing jobs for youth requires place specific cross sectoral responses involving different local players as part of wider local development strategies.

Report: Knowledge networks and their impact on new and small firms in local economies (Italy-Germany)
31 Januray 2012
New and small firms can be important engines of job creation and local development when they identify and exploit entrepreneurial opportunities. The OECD LEED Programme in cooperation with the University of Trento has prepared this paper to analyse in deep the behaviour of knowledge networks in two specific local contexts: the Autonomous Province of Trento in Italy and the Magdeburg Province in Germany.

Review: Local job creation in the Autonomous Province of Trento (Italy)
January-November 2012
This project will seek to enhance the contribution of labour market policy to the creation of more and better quality jobs. It will assess the effectiveness of employment policy and services to enhance competitiveness and employment outcomes by better matching skills supply to demand, improving training provision and addressing skills gaps but also improving skills utilisation by firms in the Autonomous Province of Trento.

Review: Entrepreneurship support in Tunisia: the role of universities 
January-December 2012
This review will provide Tunisia with an assessment of practices in place for training of entrepreneurship skills and competences and a set of recommendations for policy improvements, including  international learning models example and a policy action plan.

Review: Local development capacity assessment in EU candidate countries and potential candidates in the Western Balkans - a LEED Project
January 2011-October 2012
This joint initiative by the European Commission Enlargement Directorate-General and the OECD LEED Programme is focused on providing an assessment of the current local development capacity in view of EU accession in the EU Candidate countries and potential candidates in the Western Balkans, notably: Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina, Croatia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Kosovo (under UNSCR 1244), Montenegro and Serbia.



International conference: Building quality jobs in the recovery (Dublin, Ireland)
13-14 October 2011
This international conference brought together over 200 government officials, business representatives, local partnerships, leaders and social entrepreneurs, experts and academics, to discuss how communities can respond to these pressing labour market problems. The conference reviewed and drew lessons from successful past experiences and innovative solutions available today to identify how labour market policy, skills development and training policies can contribute to sustainable employment creation, through co-ordination with long-term economic development and local strategies. The event was structured around four thematic issues: (i) long term unemployment; (ii) youth unemployment; (iii) social economy; and (iv) early childhood supports.

Conference: Local and regional strategies to relaunch economic and employment development (Trento, Italy)
8 July 2011
High level policy makers, economists and representatives of international and European institutions discussed the future of global economic and financial development and debated the crucial role played by regions and localities in the recovery and development of economic competitiveness. The conference provided a means to exchange good practice and drew up policy recommendation to achieve tangible results.

Study visit: Green skills in the Autonomous Province of Trento (Trento, Italy)
15 April 2011
Within the Green Jobs Learning Forum promoted by the ILO, the Trento Centre organised an intense morning discussion involving local representatives to consider sustainable development strategies in the Autonomous Province of Trento, what the role of local networks in greening skills is and how local initiatives have transformed, transferred and created new skills, and thus become best practice models for the green sector.

7th Annual Meeting of the Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance: Doing more with less - Local partnerships’ role in the recovery (Vienna, Austria)
10-11 March 2011
To get more from the limited funds available, localities have to maximise every opportunity to foster growth. Employment, economic development and inclusion programmes can no longer be designed in policy silos. How are local development actors adapting to this new reality and the innovations emerging on the ground to respond to these new challenges?



Capacity building seminar: Universities, skills and entrepreneurship (Trento, Italy)
18-20 October 2010
Much can be learned from an international exchange of information about the rationales behind university entrepreneurship support and local partnerships to foster the birth and growth of new firms. The seminar explored strengths and weaknesses of different approaches, examined what constitutes good practice in local entrepreneurship support and discussed potential pitfalls.

Study visit for local development practitioners: Partnerships & the green economy (Graz, Austria and Slovenia)
11-13 October 2010
The study visit was organised for a selected group of local development practitioners to review the green experience of the Austrian Province of Styria. The study visit provided opportunities to meet with people from institutions responsible for different issues of green policies, e.g. entrepreneurial support, labour market and skills development, environment and regional development, as well as with representatives from enterprises and project promoters.

Capacity building seminar: Local strategies for greener jobs and skills (Trento, Italy)
9-11 June 2010
"Greening the economy" is today one of the most pressing issues in the majority of OECD countries. The seminar reviewed the impact of the climate change on local labour markets (including through regulations) and studied the different tools and methods that can be used to facilitate and best manage the transition to a greener local economy.

6th Annual Meeting of the Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance: From recession to recovery: local partnerships to rebuild employment (Vienna, Austria)
16-17 February 2010
Despite the first signs of economic recovery, unemployment will remain high for the years to come.  The 6th Annual Meeting brought together some 200 representatives of all the components of the society to review how local development actors are adapting to this new reality.



Capacity building seminar: Getting the young into jobs: the role of partnerships (Trento, Italy)
26-28 October 2009
Ensuring a smooth and quick transition from education to employment and fighting education drop-out trends are key objectives of youth policies across OECD countries. The seminar was addressed to those already working in partnerships on youth policies, or in the process of establishing a partnership in one of the following areas: (i) promoting entrepreneurship; (ii) youth skills initiatives; and (iii) integrating youth with accumulated disadvantages.

Study visit to Territorial Employment Pacts in Austria: Partnerships for labour market inclusion (Innsbruck, Austria)
28-30 September 2009
The study visit offered the possibility to: (i) get insights about the TEPs labour market integration strategies and programmes, their rationale, development and how barriers to their effective implementation have been addressed; (ii) learn about the organisational and funding structure of Austrian TEPs within the framework of the ESF; and (iii) network with people running local social inclusion projects.

Capacity building seminar for local development practitioners: Routes out of the crisis – New strategies for skills and employment (Trento, Italy)
10-12 June 2009
The seminar began with a one-day session open to a wider audience of policymakers and practitioners involved in tackling the impact of the crisis on jobs and skills. Days 2 and 3 were structured around a mix of presentations by OECD experts followed by discussion and group work.

5th Annual Meeting of the Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance: Building strong partnerships with the private sector for better jobs and inclusion (Vienna, Austria)
9-10 February 2009
How can collaboration with the private sector be strengthened to deliver better and more sustainable outcomes on the labour market?Answers to this issue of central importance to most partnerships today were sought at 5th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance.

Capacity building seminar: New and nascent local development partnerships in Central-East and South-East Europe (Trento, Italy)
10-13 November 2008
The objective of this 2.5-day seminar was to improve the functioning of local partnerships. The seminar was aimed at local partnership practitioners and their counterparts in local and national governments. The seminar focused on three main themes: (i) what makes local partnership building successful?; (ii) what are the key elements of a national support framework for local development partnerships?; and (iii) how to manage and improve performance?

Capacity building seminar for partnerships: Designing and delivering skills strategies for cities (Trento, Italy)
11-13 June 2008
The objective of this seminar was to improve the capacity of partnerships to design and deliver integrated skills strategies. It focused on three main themes: (i) understanding local skills needs; (ii) building an integrated skills strategy and (iii) assessing the impact: moving from quantitative to qualitative assessment.

Round table: Local governance in local development: the role of local development partnerships (Zagreb, Croatia)
10-11 March 2008
This round table was the conclusive part of the review project "Capacity Building for Effective Partnerships – An Active Review in Croatia" that the OECD LEED Programme and the U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID) mission in Croatia have jointly undertaken since 2007.

4th Annual Meeting of the Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance: Partnerships for skills and competitiveness (Vienna, Austria)
18-19 February 2008
The Fourth Forum Meeting sought to identify the best ways for partnerships to contribute to the design and implementation of skills development strategies which can boost competitiveness and make the economy more inclusive.



Report: Enhancing the capacity of partnerships to influence policy (Trento, Italy)
August 2007
The OECD LEED Programme released a report on "Enhancing the capacity of partnerships to influence policy” which gathers the experience of the two capacity building seminars organised by the Trento Centre for Local Development in close co-operation with the Forum office unit at the Centre for Social Innovation (ZSI) in Vienna Austria.

Capacity building for effective partnerships: an active review in Croatia
January-July 2007
The review was a joint project between the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the U. S. Agency for International Development (USAID). It was implemented by the OECD LEED Trento Centre for Local Development, the USAID Mission to Croatia and USAID’s partner institution World Learning.

Capacity building seminar: Enhancing the capacity of partnerships to influence policy (Dublin, Ireland)
18-20 April 2007
This 2.5-day seminar was the second stage of a capacity building programme designed for experienced partnerships from OECD member countries. After a lively first seminar in Vienna, this second meeting allowed a more in-depth discussion on how partnerships can enhance their capacity to influence policy at the local, national and international levels.

3rd Annual Meeting of the Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance: Improving cross-sector and multi-level collaboration (Vienna, Austria)
1-2 March 2007
The third forum meeting focused on cross-sectoral and multi-level collaboration, supporting the exchange of experience and practice between partnerships and exploring ways to overcome common obstacles.

Capacity building seminar: Enhancing the capacity of partnerships to influence policy (Vienna, Austria)
5-7 December 2006
The 2.5-day capacity building seminar was designed as a series of highly interactive sessions around good practice examples presented by seminar participants and OECD experts. Debates about the role and capacity of partnerships in influencing policy at local, national and international levels addressed questions relating to trust and legitimacy, applied communication strategies and accountability frameworks. 

Capacity building seminar: Building development strategies for cities and regions (Trento, Italy)
23-27 October 2006
This 5-day capacity building seminar focused on the local development strategy design and implementation and more specifically it emphasized the role of strategy in integrating different drivers, factors and enablers of local economic development. This event brought together 60 experienced policy makers and practitioners from Central, East and South East Europe working in the area of regional and local development strategy building

Experts meeting: Local development and migration (Tirana, Albania)
1 June 2006
The expert meeting was a follow-up to the OECD study visit to the regions of Gjirokaster, Tirana and Vlore in 2005 as part of the OECD cross-country activity on local integration of migrants into the labour market. The experts meeting debated the draft policy recommendations resulting from the study visit.This event was jointly organised by the OECD LEED Centre for Local Development and the International Labour Office (ILO) with its Subregional Office for Central and Eastern Europe.

Stakeholders meeting: Developing skills for endogenous development (Tirana and Shkoder, Albania)
29-31 May 2006
This conference looked at local development assets and capacities in Northern Albania with a focus on the traditional handicraft sector, including skills development and the role of partnerships in the design, implementation and evaluation of local development strategies. This event was jointly organised by the OECD LEED Centre for Local Development and the International Labour Office (ILO) with its Subregional Office for Central and Eastern Europe.

2nd Annual Meeting of the Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance: International Partnership Fair (Austria, Vienna)
13-15 February 2006
This unique conference was organised for partnership practitioners, such as co-ordinators and partners of alliances, as well as policy makers aiming to exchange partnership experiences. The International Partnership Fair provided opportunities to meet, learn from each other and build new co-operation relationships.

Conference: Local development and governance in Central, East and South-East Europe (Trento, Italy)
6-8 June 2005
This international conference was organised by the OECD LEED Programme and the LEED Trento Centre for Local Development (Italy).  It addressed the progress made in Central, East and South-East Europe in the field of governance and implementation of local development strategies.

1st Annual Meeting of the Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance: Enhancing the effectiveness of partnerships (Vienna, Austria)
26-27 April 2005
The First Forum Meeting was a unique opportunity to re-assess today’s need for partnerships, debate on best ways for government, business and civil society to work in partnership in practice, exchange know-how and experiences of existing partnerships and discuss the main innovations in funding partnerships.

Seminar: Implementing local development strategies (Trento, Italy)
21-27 November 2004
This one-week seminar has been especially designed for policy-makers and practitioners from South, Central, and Eastern Europe responsible for local development issues. This training was organised by the LEED Programme through the LEED Trento Centre for Local Development.

Seminar: Building local partnerships in the Balkans (Tirana, Albania)
22-23 April 2004
This event was organised in co-operation with the European Training Foundation and presented the results of the first phase of a project launched in 2003 to build partnerships for local development in Albania and Kosovo (Serbia and Montenegro).


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