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An entire segment of the economy is composed of entities that aim to increase social inclusion and reduce inequalities, while simultaneously creating economic value. Social economy organisations, such as different types of cooperatives, associations, foundations, mutuals and social enterprises (which are businesses of various legal forms using an entrepreneurial approach in order to respond to an increasing number of social and environmental challenges) are developing at a fast pace around the world. While measuring them remains challenging both at national and international levels, existing evidence suggests that they are vibrant agents assisting local and national economic development and contributing to inclusive growth and shared prosperity through  job creation, re-integration of vulnerable individuals to society and the labour market, and environmental sustainability. Fostering their development requires an enabling ecosystem comprised of a conducive legal and regulatory framework, tailored financial tools and access to markets. Building this enabling ecosystem requires raising awareness of the social and environmental impacts of social enterprises, and building the capacity of public authorities, social enterprises and impact investors to collaborate in a mutually beneficial way.


Job creation through the social economy and social entrepreneurship
This report examines the role of Social Economy Organisation's in the provision of employment, and how they have fared during the recent period of economic turbulence. Attention was also paid to SEOs working with vulnerable individuals, either as direct providers of jobs, or providers of training and services designed to help vulnerable individuals into the mainstream labour market. 

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