Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

Social Economy


Social innovation provides solutions to social and societal challenges. Participative and collaborative in its essence, social economy can produce  inclusive economic development.   

  • What's the issue?

Social innovation seeks new answers to social and societal challenges for instance by identifying and delivering new services that improve the quality of life of individuals and communities or  new labour market integration processes, new competencies, new jobs, and new forms of participation and inclusion. 

Wherever social innovations appear, they bring about new processes or organisational changes or changes in financing, along with more collaborative dynamics among the stakeholders, including citizens, to design and implement innovative solutions.

  • What can the OECD offer?

We work to facilitate exchange of best policies and practices in various socially innovative areas. We are also conducting work to explore the role of social innovation in making local economies both more productive and inclusive, including using digitalisation.



Social Entrepreneurship in Europe

This OECD-EC project aims to foster mutual learning on social entrepreneurship among EU countries.

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Better Entrepreneurship Tool

An OECD-EC online tool is being developed for assessing social enterprise ecosystems.

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The OECD will hold a session at the Global Social Economy Forum in Bilbao, Spain on 1-3 October 2018.

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