Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

Reports: Local strategies for Youth Employment


Local Implementation of Youth Guarantees: Emerging Lessons from European Experiences looks at measures akin to the European vision of the Youth Guarantee that have been used in seven countries: Belgium (Flanders), Denmark, Germany, Finland, Norway, Poland and Sweden, and seeks to understand the involvement of the local level in their implementation. In each of those countries, two contrasting localities (a remote area versus a large conurbation) were selected to conduct qualitative research. Based on the premise that the key actor in delivering youth guarantees is the Public Employment Service (PES), data was collected through interviews with national and local PES staff to compare and contrast actual experience and outcomes for beneficiaries. Attention was paid to the framework conditions (both national and local) under which youth guarantees can be effective and to the reasons why certain local areas perform better than others

Local Youth Employment Strategies: Ireland examines the policy delivery frameworks and the capacity of local actors to put in place integrated policy responses to tackle youth unemployment. In Ireland, the Dublin and South East regions were taken as case studies to look at the range of institutions and bodies involved in youth employment.

Local Strategies for Youth Employment: Learning from Practice presents an assessment and lessons on successful local approaches to support youth into employment, education or training from a series of case studies undertaken in 2011 and 2012 in OECD member and non-member countries. See also  local case studies in the OECD database of skills strategies.

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The work is based on the support of the European Commission, the UK Commission on Employment and Skills and Voluntary Contributions of each participant country.



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