Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

Papers - Conference on Local Development and Governance


The papers of the Trento conference (6-8 June) are available for participants.  You can download the summary of the presentations free of charge.  This is a compilation of the thirty-five papers presented in the conference. 

The selected authors for each of the four themes of the conference presented their research project in Trento.  To download their presentations, pelase click on the links below:

Local Development Strategies in Central, East and South-East Europe – from Planning to Implementation
Scott Abrams
Sebastiano Fadda
David J.A. Douglas
Michael Parkinson
Lydia Coudroy De Lille
Serhiy Maksymenko
Marijana Sumpor
Evgeny Bukhvald
Mirjana Stankovic
Elena Panova
Francesco Panzica
David Smallbone
Therese Hoy Jacobsen
Tools for Better Governance in Central, East and South-East Europe
Xavier Greffe
Jean-Claude Prager
Zdenka Kovac
Michal Boni
Leonardo Baroncelli
Irena Dokic
Vesna Atanasova and Kristina Hadzi Vasileva 
Fostering Participative and Representative Democracy in Central, East and South-East Europe
Charles Sabel
Haralambos Kondonis
Jörg Meyer-Stamer
Kalyan Pandey
Vladan Jeremic
Antonella Valmorbida
Financing Local Development in Central, East and South-East Europe
Randall Eberts
Dubravka Jurlina Alibegovic
Desislava Stoilova
Alexander Luchenok and Irina Kolesnikova
Holger Kuhle
Zeljko Sevic
Klaus Kofler
Fred Dubee