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The OECD Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Programme contributes to building more and better jobs. Since 1982 LEED has advised OECD countries, the G20, APEC and ASEAN on how to more effectively implement national policies at the local level, while stimulating innovative practices.

The LEED Forum for Local Development Practitioners, Entrepreneurs, and Social Innovators is the OECD’s network of practitioners in the fields of local economic development, employment, skills, entrepreneurship and social innovation. It counts, to date, over 3 500 members, including national governments, mayors and regional authorities, employment and training agencies, chambers of commerce, social innovators, start-ups, businesses and NGOs from 65 countries. The Forum is a unique setting for a diverse range of actors to challenge assumptions, learn and work together to forge practical solutions to economic and social challenges.


Interested in partnering with the OECD LEED Forum?

Partnerships are key to shaping the Forum work and activities. Two types of partners exist: Strategic Partners and Partners.

  • Strategic Partners are major corporations, as well as national, regional and local governments and associations, who provide key guidance and support to the Forum’s mission and activities. They are global, national and local actors engaged in generating better outcomes for jobs and the economy for their country, region and community.

  • Partners are generally national, local and regional governments and associations, research organisations and NGOs who support the Forum’s activities. They are national and local players committed to promoting local economic and employment development, who actively contribute to and benefit from the mutual exchanges and peer learning originating in the Forum.” 




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LEED Partner Benefits

By bringing your perspectives and contributions to the debate, gaining privilege acess to OECD's expert analysis and benefitting from extensive exposure, becoming a strategic partner is the best way to benefit from the LEED Forum and shape the debate.


Strategic Partner*


  • Privileged access to the Forum network, set up bilateral meetings
  • Shape the Forum major conference
  • Exposure


  • Co-host meetings with the OECD




  • Regular updates



  • Access OECD documents





LEED Forum Partners

Gain access to a unique network of policy implementers, experts and national civil servants and increase your practical impact on the ground.


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