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  • 28-October-2009


    ULI Urban Investment Network Summit: Private investment, public assets, city futures (Barcelona, Spain)

    A highly interactive programme focused on developing cross-sector connections and knowledge sharing, as well as capturing participant's ideas on key issues and best practice.

  • 23-October-2009


    The dark cloud of the recession – is there a silver lining?

    Showcase, the HCA Academy's case study library for sustainable communities is seeking your ideas & views in an online debate:- How leaders should respond to the needs of their local areas.- Sharing risk and learning from experience.- The skills people need to remain in the labour ma

  • 22-October-2009


    Conference: Making entrepreneurship and SMEs more innovative (Udine, Italy)

    Innovation and entrepreneurship performance of a locality are key in supporting long-term growth. How to design local policies that improve this performance is the focus of this conference. High-profile participants represented both the public and private sector.

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  • 13-October-2009


    OECD conference on SMEs, Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Udine, Italy, 22-23 October 2009

    How can governments help small and innovative firms continue to grow in the midst of an economic crisis? Entrepreneurs, bankers, policy makers and academics will discuss this and other issues at the conference which is open to media.

  • 12-October-2009


    Capacity building seminar: Supporting SMEs in a time of crisis: how to choose the right actions (Trento, Italy)

    To implement an entrepreneurship agenda, national governments needed to partner with local governments, the private sector, and civil society organisations. This seminar aimed to develop a dialogue between national and sub-national stakeholders in the entrepreneurship field.

  • 18-September-2009


    Framework for Information Exchange in Local Development (FIELD) - 2010

    This project supports local development organisations in strengthening their information systems. It provides guidance on data collection, analysis and use in policy making, customised to conditions in each participating area.

  • 18-September-2009


    Framework for Information Exchange in Local Development (FIELD) - 2006/2009

    The rationale for this project was to respond to these problems by building an OECD Framework for Information Exchange in Local Development (FIELD) that local development organisations can use in a co-ordinated way in order to collect, exchange and learn from l

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  • 14-August-2009

    English, , 11,502kb

    Recession, recovery and reinvestment: The role of local economic leadership in a global crisis

    The global financial crisis is like no other that we have experienced since the early 20th century. This free publication identifies some of the most interesting practices in response to the financial crisis from a local economic development perspective.

  • 14-August-2009

    English, , 3,841kb

    Local economic strategy series: Review of Belfast

    The success of Belfast over the next 25 years is critical to the success of Northern Ireland. This timely review examines how lessons from the exceptional circumstances that have shaped the city and its remarkable revival over the last decade have shaped the local development agenda.

  • 31-July-2009


    Inserire i giovani nel mondo del lavoro: il ruolo dei partenariati

    Il seminario era indirizzato a coloro che lavorano all’interno di partenariati dedicati ai temi delle politiche per i giovani rivolti ad una delle seguenti aree: (i) promuovere l’imprenditorialità; (ii) iniziative di sviluppo delle competenze dei giovani; e (iii) integrare giovani svantaggiati

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