Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

High-employment-growth enterprises


A LEED project for 2011-2012


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A few high-growth enterprises are responsible for the majority of local job creation. Appropriately designed policies may contribute by promoting the internal characteristics of enterprises and entrepreneurs that are associated with high growth, such as strong innovation and marketing capacities, and by creating favourable local entrepreneurship environments. However, relatively little is known about the local factors that stimulate the emergence and development of high-growth enterprises and how they may be promoted by local policies.

This activity will provide guidance to policy makers on how to stimulate job creation through support to high-growth entrepreneurship at the local level, based on the analysis of the local drivers of high-employment-growth entrepreneurship and an assessment of local policies in this area. 


Issues to be addressed

Three main questions will be addressed:


What is the local distribution of high-growth entrepreneurship and associated employment creation?


What are the factors in the local environment that promote or hinder high-growth entrepreneurship? 


What are the most effective policies at local level for promoting high-growth entrepreneurship? 

Related questions include the issues of whether policy support for high-growth entrepreneurship increases or reduces spatial inequalities, whether local competitive environments as well as internal firm capabilities affect high-growth entrepreneurship, whether high-growth enterprises can be targeted ex-ante by policy and whether current policies in this field are efficient and effective.



The project will comprise:


A literature review on local factors associated with high-employment-growth firms


A call for papers to audit case study policies targeting high-growth enterprises at the local level


Econometric analyses of locally-disaggregated firm-level data in selected countries to analyse the local distribution of high-growth entrepreneurship and explanatory factors in the local environment.



Interested countries may participate by:




Country reports for conutries participating in the in-depth analysis.


A final cross-country report about how to stimulate job creation through support to high-growth entrepreneurship at the local level.

The project is based on Voluntary Contributions of each participant country and the support of the European Commission.     



For further information about the project please contact the OECD Secretariat.