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Fulfilling promise – Ensuring labour market success for ethnic minority and immigrant youth


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Latest news: Fulfilling promise seminar, 22 October 2010, Paris

The seminar will focus on approaches to improving employment outcomes for ethnic minority and immigrant youth.

Organised in collaboration with the European Commission and the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Governance, it will be chaired by international migration expert Professor Roger Waldinger.  Click here for more details.



Young people from ethnic minority and immigrant backgrounds have been hit harder than most by the current financial crisis and risk suffering the long lasting “scarring effects” which this can cause – potentially creating a lost generation.

In many countries minority youth experience poorer employment outcomes and lower educational attainment levels than those from a non-minority background, in what has been termed the “double disadvantage” of being both young and coming from an ethnic minority. However, the experiences and outcomes of minority youth in the labour market are far from homogeneous, and this group offers important social, cultural and economic assets which are increasingly important in today’s globalised world. In addition, higher growth rates among immigrant communities mean that young people from immigrant backgrounds will continue to be a growing force on the labour force.

In light of this, further analysis of interventions designed to reach out to this target group and improve their labour market outcomes is essential. Given the diversity of experiences faced by ethnic minority populations, policy interventions need to be targeted effectively and to take into account a range of shaping factors such as the length of time established in the country, ethnicity, skills levels and gender.  


Expert studies

A number of international case studies and learning models have been commissioned as part of the project. Each study focuses on a locality which has experienced labour market exclusion among ethnic minority youth and established a locally based approach to tackle this problem. 

The studies will consider issues such as local barriers to workforce integration, the role of local governance in facilitating policy responses, the part played by different local actors in providing solutions, and measures designed to improve job retention and career progression. Expert findings will be discussed and debated at the seminar and will feed into a learning manual on international best practice.


Further information

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