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Culture & local development


Culture and creativity as a lever for inclusive growth and local development

Museums and cultural heritage sites are powerful assets for local development. They can help attract tourists, bring revenues, regenerate local economies, promote inclusion, boost cultural diversity and reinvent territorial identity. Governments have put in place policy initiatives to support these sectors as drivers of sustainable economic growth and employment. However, there is still little evidence and understanding of how culture and creativity can transform and foster growth, what are the needs of these sectors and what are effective policy responses.

OECD Guide for Local Governments, Communities and Museums

The OECD is developing a guide to inform and support policy makers in designing successful culture-led local development strategies. The guide will provide a self-assessment framework and policy options.

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Local reviews fulfilling the potential for cultural and creative industries (CCIs)

The OECD has developed a methodology for mapping culture and creative industries at the sub-national level. Work is underway in Italy (the mapping exercise covered the South of Italy and is currently being expanded to cover the North East of Italy).

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MARK YOUR CALENDAR: 6-7 December 2018 - Venice

An OECD Conference on culture and local development will be organised on 6-7 December 2018 in Venice, Italy. The conference will review the emerging patterns of how culture and creativity foster local growth and the implications for policies in the area of employment, innovation, and regional development.


12 July 2018 | Venice, Italy Workshop: Culture and Well-Being - Defining the linkages

9 July 2018 | Paris, France Experts' Group Meeting: Culture and Local Development - Maximising the Impact

21 June 2018 | Venice, Italy Workshop: Measuring Creative Occupations in OECD Regions

15 June 2018 | Trento, Italy Conference: CCIs support ecosystems as part of Smart Specialisation Strategy

11-15 June 2018 | Trento, Italy Summer Academy on Cultural and Creative Industries and local development

20 December 2017 | Trento, Italy Euregio Museum Day 2017: Museums & local development - Maximising the impact

23 June 2017 | Milan, Italy Roundtable: Fulfilling the potential of Cultural and Creative Industries -  Reinforcing linkages and spill overs 

3 June 2017 | Trento, Italy Roundtable: Culture, health and well-being - 12th Festival of Economics

22 June, 2017 | Milan, Italy Working group: Cultural heritage as catalyst of local development

11 April 2017 | Prague, Czech Republic  Round-table: Cultural heritage as catalyst of local development

22 February 2017 | Bolzano, Italy Debate: “Culture-led and smart regeneration strategies” @ SSPCR 2017

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