Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

Conference on Social Economy: The Leading Actor for Social Cohesion and the Lisbon Strategy, Luxembourg, 11-12 March 2005


This international conference is organised by the Luxembourg Social Economy Platform in collaboration with the European Standing Conference of Co-operatives, Mutual Societies, Associations and Foundations (CEP-CMAF) and the OECD LEED Programme.  This event will bring together numerous social economy representatives from the 25 Member States of the EU and many well-known figures from the world of politics, socio-economic actors and representatives from civilian life.

The Social Economy currently represents 8% of European enterprises. Employing around 9 million workers, it covers 7.9% of salaried employment. Besides, it involves a considerable part of the civil society: it is estimated that 25% of the citizens of the European Union are directly related to the Social Economy, be it as producers or as consumers, savers, tenants, insured, students or volunteers. 

In its political concept, European society's project, of which the Lisbon Strategy is one of the supporting pillars guaranteeing a prosperous and fair community in the future, fundamentally depends on the contribution of the social economy to reach its objectives. The conference aims to emphasise these ideas and to make them accessible to a wider public.

This two-days conference will be structured in two plenary sessions and four workshops:

  • Strengthening social cohesion
  • Partnership governance for local development
  • The Social Economy and competitiveness
  • The issues of globalisation

For further information, please contact Antonella.Noya@oecd.org or visit the official Website of the conference www.ecosol.lu


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