Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

Conference on "Decentralisation and Co-ordination: The Twin Challenges of Labour Market Policy" - Presentations


"Decentralisation and Co-ordination: The Twin Challenges of Labour Market Policy"

Venice, Italy



Thursday 17 April 2008


Michele Dau, Vice-Chair of the LEED Directing Committee

Jean-François Rocchi, Chair of the LEED Directing Committee

Keynote presentation by the OECD Secretariat

From Decentralisation to Local Co-ordination: Lessons from the OECD 

Sylvain Giguère, Deputy Head, Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED), OECD

Round-table on the Italian experience of decentralisation and local development

Giovanni Principe (powerpoint presentation and introductory remarks), General Director, Isfol

Silvia Costa, National Co-ordinator of Regional Ministers of Labour

Natale Forlani, Director General, ItaliaLavoro

Friday 18 April 2008

Making Labour Market Policy More Flexible while Preserving Accountability

Karen Jackson, Senior Assistant Deputy Minister, Skills & Employment Branch, Human Resources & Social Development Canada, Canada

Czeslawa Ostrowska (powerpoint presentation and key points), Under-Secretary of State, Ministry of Labour & Social Policy, Poland

Lee Jae-Kap, Director General for Employment Policy, Ministry of Labour, Korea

Jan HendeliowitzJan Hendeliowitz, (powerpoint presentation and paper) Director, Employment Region Greater Copenhagen & Zealand and Vice-Chair of the LEED Directing Committee, Denmark

Co-ordinating Labour Market Policy with Economic Development

Sophie Boissard, Deputy Director of the Minister’s Private Office, Ministry of the Economy, Finance & Employment, France

Round-table of non-member countries

Enrique Deibe, Vice-Minister of Employment, Argentina

Alexandr L. Safonov, Deputy Minister of Health & Social Development, Russian Federation

Saturday 19 April 2008

Tackling the Skills and Employability Challenges

Dave Simmonds, CESI, United Kingdom

Stephen Timms, Minister of State, Department for Work & Pensions, United Kingdom 

Benoît Cerexhe (powerpoint presentation and addendum), Minister of the Economy, Employment & Scientific Research, Brussels-Capital Region, Belgium

Paul Barker, Manager, Labour Market Dynamics, Department of Labour and Mike Smith, Work & Income, Ministry of Social Development, New Zealand (powerpoint presentation and paper)

Mar Serna Calvo, Regional Minister of Labour, Catalonia, Spain


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