Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED Programme)

Conference: From unemployment to self-employment (Berlin, Germany)


Facilitating transition in the recovery

Berlin, 7-8 October 2010


International seminar organised by the
Federal Ministry of Employment and Labour (BMAS)
in co-operation with the OECD (ELSA and LEED)


During an economic downturn and recovery, self-employment becomes an appealing option to a number of job-seekers faced with reduced opportunities to regain quickly employment elsewhere in the labour market.

Several OECD Member countries have set up or expanded schemes to support enterprise creation by job seekers in the crisis and recovery phases.


Self-employment can improve labour market outcomes in various ways: it can contribute to reduce unemployment; it can provide job seekers with a work experience which impacts positively on career prospects; and it can increase long-term income for participants. However, the risks of embarking on self-employment are accentuated in periods of recession and early phases of a recovery.


Successful self-employment also entails a requirement for appropriate skills and resources that are not always in place among the unemployed target group. These difficulties imply the need for careful assessment of the opportunities and the public support that may be required.


There is a need to review the experience in supporting self-employment today. The objective of this seminar was to share and assess the experiences of OECD countries, identify current and future challenges for policy and identify best practices. 



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