Gregor - Young professional - Cohort 2011



  • 2011 YP Cohort
  • Current role: Trade policy analyst
  • Nationality: Slovenian

 Academic qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in European Governance and Administration – Ecole nationale d'administration, Institut d’études politiques de Paris, Humboldt Universität Berlin, France and Germany
  • Master’s Degree in Communication Science/History/Philosophy and Pre-Diploma in Economics – Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany


what attracted you to the oecd?

"The OECD has a lot of impact. It provides an environment where countries can come together and share their experience to improve their policies. It’s a very influential Organisation."


what was your role as a yp?

"I worked in the Office of the Secretary-General, so I was at the hub of the Organisation. I was a Junior Advisor to the Secretary-General, which meant helping to prepare for his missions, on some of which I could accompany him, as well as for his participation in events and meetings with high-level people. This included preparing speeches, briefing material, policy notes and articles by liaising with Directorates and coordinating inputs to ensure coherent and strategic messages." 

what surprised you about working at the oecd?

"My time as a YP, and this is still true today, was a very dynamic time for the Organisation. The OECD is gaining relevance as it is placing more focus on innovative, inclusive policies and is enhancing its cooperation with an increasing number of countries and international fora like the G20. Now is an exciting time because new ideas are coming into the Organisation and you can be a part of this vibrant and exciting process." 


what are the best things about the YPP?

"The mentorship is great. You’re working with a mentor who is not from your directorate, so she or he has an objective perspective of your needs and strengths. Your mentor accompanies you in making decisions about career development, trainings, and new skills you should acquire.

The network is important. The YPs are a dynamic young group, which helps to build your social life in a new city. The network persists beyond the programme. You still have a connection with other former YPs, and this network across the Organisation would be more difficult to develop on your own." 



how has your yp experience contributed to your career?

"YPs have very visible, high-level horizontal projects, which provide lots of exposure. I got to know people and made contacts around the OECD. As a YP I developed a good understanding of the Organisation, the culture, and what is required of more experienced staff. This made it easier for me to position myself for the next role. YPs are highly regarded in the Organisation. The fact that you made it through this very competitive programme adds credibility." 


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