Chung-a - Young Professional - Cohort 2013




  • 2013 YP Cohort
  • Current role: Policy Analyst in Green Investment
  • Nationality: Korean

 Academic qualifications

  • Master’s Degree in Public Affairs, Sciences Po, Paris, France
  • B.A. in Sociology, Yonsei University, Seoul, South Korea


why did you apply to the yp programme?

"The nice thing about the YP is that it’s open for everyone and has a very transparent recruitment process. It’s competitive and I didn’t know if I would be accepted, but thought I had a chance because of my experience. I applied and was very honoured to be accepted."



"The YP Programme is great because you get exposed to the work of different directorates thanks to the network of other YPs across the Organisation. You get special programmes and mentorship. It’s a bit like you’re on a red carpet. You feel like you’re being well taken care of." 


I work in green investment on joint projects between the Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs and the Environment Directorate to help host governments put in place favourable long term investment conditions and maximise investment opportunities in clean energy infrastructure. The case for joined-up policy making in relation with the energy transition and green growth is stronger than ever and the projects I’m in charge of best represent the OECD's ongoing efforts in this regard. I like the fact that I’m on joint projects that help to achieve increased synergies between different directorates. 


what surprised you about working at the oecd?

As a policy analyst at the OECD it’s your job to accommodate stakeholders’ opinions in a tactful way. Of course we write our recommendations based on evidence-based analysis, but you shouldn’t offend your audience so you have to have a strong sense of diplomacy. Our clients are governments and our job is to provide information and provide platforms for peer learning and policy dialogue so that they can make better policies. 



how will your yp experience contribute to your future career?

During this YP Programme I get to do everything and learn everything as a policy analyst. I do not only analysis but drafting reports, organising forums, outreaching to delegates, to the private sector, and to all the different stakeholders. I get to learn about the mechanism of the OECD… The YP Programme will help me to become a well-rounded policy analyst. 



what is it like to live in paris?

The best thing about living in Paris is that you’re exposed to all different cultures. From Korea it’s harder to hear about Africa and the Middle East, it takes effort, but here, even if you don’t make those efforts, you’re exposed to cultures from all over the world. That’s a very rare experience. 


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