The Young Associate Programme (YAP) is a new two-year graduate programme envisaged as the ideal stepping stone to future graduate studies (MA/PhD) at top international universities.

The programme is now closed. The next round will be in autumn 2017.

Please read through the sections below to find out more about the Programme.

What is the Young Associate Programme?

The OECD Young Associate Programme (YAP) aims to recruit outstanding recent college graduates.

This programme is for you if:

  • you plan to pursue an advanced academic degree in the near future

  • you aspire to gain professional experience within an international network of policy makers

Are you an ideal candidate for this Programme?

To be eligible, you must:

  • have completed your undergraduate degree (e.g. BA, BSc) no more than 18 months prior to taking up duty

  • hold OECD Member country nationality

  • have a strong academic background and the ability to work constructively in a team context

  • have an excellent command of English and/or French


In addition, it would be an asset if you also have prior:

  • course work in OECD-related subjects
    (e.g. economics, statistics, public policy, etc.)


  • work experience in an OECD-related field
    (e.g. research projects)

What does it mean if I am selected?

Your will undertake your assignment:

  • in Paris area, France

  • for a duration of 24 months


  • You will work closely with a supervisor tackling some of the most challenging social and economic issues of today

  • Your supervisor will guide your professional development throughout the Programme

What are the salary and benefits?

We offer:

  • a monthly salary of approximately 3,300 EUR, exempt from French income tax
  • an installation allowance (equivalent to one month’s salary for single candidates)
  • the reimbursement of removal expenses and airline tickets to Paris
  • a leaving allowance of approximately 16,000 EUR based on 24-month assignment


What are the steps in the selection process?


Which departments will host Young Associates?

The following departments will host a Young Associate in 2016/2017:

  • General Secretariat: Roundtable on Sustainable Development
  • Economics Department: Office of Chief Economist
  • Environment Directorate: Environment and Economy Integration Division
  • Directorate for Science, Technology and Innovation: Division for Digital Economy Policy


Frequently asked questions

I will graduate from a Master’s programme in 2017. Can I still apply for the Young Associate Programme (YAP)?


Yes. However, given that the target audience of this programme is undergraduate students, you must be able to

  • demonstrate strong motivation to pursue another Master’s degree or doctoral (PhD) studies immediately following the YAP

  • explain how two years’ work experience at the OECD would be an essential requirement for your future studies

The country in which I am studying does not distinguish between Bachelor and Master’s degrees. When I graduate in 2017 I will hold a Master’s degree. Can I still apply for the YAP?


Yes. But as outlined above, your motivation for future Master’s or PhD studies should be clearly explained.

Is the 18-month time limit for having completed undergraduate studies flexible?


No. As the earliest date to take up duty at the OECD is 1 May 2017, you would only be eligible to apply for the YAP if you completed your undergraduate studies after 1 November 2015. 

At my university there is often a delay of several months between receiving my final results and when the graduation ceremony is held. Which date should I use?


You should use the date on which your undergraduate diploma was awarded to you. Please note that we will verify this date at the final stages of the selection process.

Can I apply for both the Young Associates Programme (YAP) and the Young Professionals Programme (YPP)?


No. If you meet the eligibility requirements for the YPP – Master’s degree and two years’ professional experience or a PhD – you cannot apply to the YAP.

Likewise, if you are eligible for the YAP this will normally mean you do not meet the requirements to participate in the YPP. 

My university does not use the Grade Point Average (GPA) system. How should I calculate my GPA?


Please browse the equivalency table that will allow you to align your result with the GPA system.

Do not worry if you feel that the result is not a fair comparison: you can upload your transcript of records for the last available year at the final stage of the online application process. We will take this into account. 

Do I need to have the physical copy of my Bachelor’s diploma/certificate before applying?


No. As long as you are available to begin work at the OECD in Paris from May-July 2017, with reasonable expectation of meeting the target GPA in your final exams, you may still apply. 

Are some undergraduate degrees preferred more than others?


No. However, we expect that the majority of applicants to the YAP will have studied or majored in

  • economics

  • political science

  • development studies

  • international relations

  • environment studies

  • engineering

  • finance

  • law

  • public policy

Applications now closed

The 2017 programme is now closed! 

The 2018 round of the OECD Young Associate Programme will take place in automn 2017.