Who we are


The OECD - where people with common goals come together to exchange ideas, solve problems, meet challenges and create new opportunities. For half a century, OECD has been the global forum for new ideas to create prosperity in developed and developing countries.


Ideas to help people get a better education and find work; ideas to fight corruption, encourage innovation and preserve the environment; ideas to build a better economy and lasting social prosperity. It’s the power of human imagination supported by research, data and analysis shared in an open and co-operative international forum.


To understand how countries grow and prosper, we first need the numbers. OECD is a leading source of economic data. Then we look beyond the numbers to research, analyse and improve the policies and institutions which shape our lives.


OECD is about the power of human ideas coming together from all around the world working together towards the same goal - for a better world economy.



“I invite you to join us in our endeavour


Angel Gurria

Secretary-General of the OECD


Edmund S. Phelps



Eric S. Maskin



Lawrence R. Klein



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