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Professional Staff

The majority of job vacancies are at the level of Economist / Policy Analyst / Administrator or Senior Economist / Senior Policy Analyst, with a certain number of vacancies as Heads of Division / Managerial Staff.

Opportunities at Deputy Director or Director level are rare. Recruitment of Young Professionals is limited.
See monthly basic salaries for A grades (Paris-based staff).

An indication of minimum experience required for different levels can be found below:

Economist / Policy Analyst

Three years', preferably five years', relevant professional experience.

Senior Economist / Senior Policy Analyst

Ten years' relevant experience with organisational, supervisory and leadership skills.

Head of Division / Counsellor / Managerial Staff

Considerable senior level experience in the field concerned, in an international context. Sound managerial experience, ability to lead discussions in Committees and Working Parties, political judgment and very wide experience in a national and international policy context in the given field.

For details of what we look for in candidates, please refer to each vacancy notice of  interest to you. 

More information on the competencies required for management, professionals, professional legal support or administrative officers job vacancies.

Linguistic Staff

The linguistic staff of the OECD ensures translation of our documents and publications and the interpretation at our meetings and conferences.

Recruitment is done following the advertisement of a vacancy notice as for our other staff. See monthly basic salaries for L grades (Paris-based staff).


Perfect knowledge of the English or French language and culture. University degree. Considerable full-time translation experience. Candidates may be required to sit a written examination.


Perfect knowledge of the English and French language and culture. University degree or interpretation diploma. At least five years' experience in consecutive and simultaneous conference interpreting.

More information on the competencies required for language specialits job vacancies.

Support and Technical Staff

The OECD recruits support staff (e.g. secretaries, administrative assistants and statisticians) on a regular basis.

Appointments are for an initial temporary period. There are however opportunities for extension of these appointments and there are many opportunities for permanent positions. See monthly basic salaries for B grades (Paris-based staff).

Secretaries / Assistants

Good educational background. Confirmed competence in word processing and other IT applications.

Excellent knowledge of one of the two official languages of the Organisation (English or French) and good knowledge of the other. Knowledge of other languages would be an advantage.

More information on the competencies required for  secretaries / assistants or administrative support job vacancies.


Good knowledge of applied statistics and economics. Experience with OECD-related statistics desired. Knowledge of and experience with the use of standard software such as SAS, STATA; some knowledge of programming software.

Excellent knowledge of English or French. Recruitment is subject to a written test (statistics, economics, data processing, interpretation of graphs and language skills).

More information on the competencies required for statistical job vacancies.

Technical Staff

These provide maintenance and technical services. Recruitment for these positions is mainly local (Paris area).

More information on the competencies required for  technical and operational support job vacancies.

Other Categories


Please see information under traineeships.

Temporary Staff

Temporary staff are employed to meet specific needs on a short term ad hoc basis.


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