Secretaries / Assistants job vacancies


The ideal candidate's competencies for secretaries / assistants job vacancies listed below are those on which you will be assessed on during a panel interview.



1.  Handling Information

  • Ability to handle information – written and oral – in an authoritative and secure manner, employing appropriate technologies and processes.
  • Continuous search for opportunities to improve technical knowledge and skills, knowledge sharing with colleagues.

2.  Dealing with Details

  • Meticulous and consistent attention to detail.

3.  Task Organisation and Planning

  • Ability to plan, organise and distribute tasks in a highly effective manner. Ability to handle many issues at once.
  • Effective establishment of priorities – ability to distinguish between the urgent, the important and the critical.
  • Autonomous management of office procedures and events, one step ahead in managing time and diaries.

4.  Organisational Awareness

  • Understanding of the OECD’s institutional context and internal workings and an ability to apply this knowledge to get things done.
  • Sensitivity and alertness to organisational and cultural issues which may affect performance in the OECD.


5.  Team Orientation

  • Ability to work co-operatively and effectively with others in an international, multi-cultural environment.
  • Willingness to share information, knowledge and experience with colleagues. Willingness to help others and to be helped. Ensure quality work and team success.

6. Communication

  • Ability to express thoughts clearly and succinctly, orally and and writing. Effective and tactful communication with colleagues of all nationalities. Oral fluency in English and French.
  • Liaison and organisation between immediate boss and other team members/ contacts.

7. Service Orientation

  • Commitment to assisting and facilitating the work of others to achieve common goals. Committed to the job and motivated by team success.


8.  Achievement Orientation

  • Demonstration of drive and energy directed towards achieving goals and continually increasing the work efficiency: a consistent task focus.

9. Resilience

  • Ability to cope with high work pressure and with adversity, frustrations or set backs. Stress control/hiding. Learning from mistakes. Open and non-defensive acceptance of feedback.

10.  Adaptability/Flexibility

  • Ability to accept and succeed in new roles, work arrangements and methodologies, facilitated by curiosity, responsibility, enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.

11. Self Direction

  • Self-motivation and results-orientation with a developed sense of Organisational and Directorate values. Initiative and perseverance – also under considerable stress.
  • Commitment to high performance standards.


  • Commitment to equal opportunities.


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