Richard, OECD alumni


 “OECD, through its Development Assistance Committee, plays a key role in the business of international development assistance, in three main ways: as the central source of information on aid flows (including the vital issue of what should count as aid), as the main venue for collective action to make aid more effective (through Peer Review and through hosting the international Working Party on Aid Effectiveness), and as a key venue for policymakers to come together to discuss a wide range of issues of common interest, as diverse as the problems of failing states or the techniques of evaluation.


There are close links to the work of other Directorates, and to the Development Centre, and beyond OECD to the UN system and the International Financial Institutions, particularly the World Bank. This work depends on staff with a high level of analytical ability and first-rate communication skills, experience of the international aid system, ideally in the field, the ability to get to grips quickly with the issues of the day, and the capacity to function in a multinational team.”


Current role:

Chair of the Boards of the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) and the Health Metrics Network.

Prior role at OECD:

Former Chair of the OECD's Development Assistance Committee


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